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Rekha, Sridevi, Neetu catch a screening of “Khoobsurat”

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Rekha, Sridevi and Neetu Singh were snapped at a screening of Sonam Kapoor-starrer “Khoobsurat” held at the Lightbox theatres in Mumbai on Tuesday.

Also present at the screening were Rhea Kapoor, Boney Kapoor, Mohit Marwah, Sanjay Kapoor, Maheep Sandhu and Neelam Kothari.

“Khoobsurat” is the remake of Rekha-starrer 1980s super hit movie “Khubsoorat”, and from the photographs it seems the veteran actress was very happy with the movie. It is about the royal mis-fit where a fun and bubbly Milli enters a royal family as a physiotherapist.

Directed by Shashanka Ghosh, the movie also features Fawad Khan, Kirron Kher and Ratna Pathak. It will hit the screens this Friday.

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Rekha more beautiful and taller than Sridevi

Rekha is a " Nasha" very Beautiful Actress but really she is Nasha.

Boney kapoor wife sri ji is beautifully

Boney kapoor got a very very beautifull is wife sri ji

Aishwarya Rai once said - Sridevi = class and yes I agree!!

#1 post. By the way, I wonder what is Sridevi's secret for looking so young. She looks 20 years younger than her actual age.

Sridevi can make anything a style statement. So laid-back and casual here and yet so chic.

Oldest bollywood actress is sri devi ji she the best others bollywood actress cannot beat her sri ji is still no.1 till now stylish ICON

Hardly oldest. Neetu and Rekha are much older.

Neetu singh looks good. Sridevi trying too hard, as always. Rekha needs to spice it up a bit... Her sprees r boring now

Sri ji sri ji the best whatever ways in dressings no.1 come first


Rekha wearing sindoor...

How Khoobsurat: Number 1 post! The amount of talent @ this screening is out of this world. No wonder it´t numero uno! ;-)

honestly although I'm not a huge fan of sridevi (being a mads fan), I must say she is easily the best dressed women in the last ten years

Sridevi is so gorgeous. She is so beautiful

Which designer's outfit is Sridevi wearing? I love it!!!

Sridevi always was the only actress who looked good in everything she wears. That is why she used to be given all the crazy types of clothes in all her films and yet manage to look stunning.

is sridevi really gonna be 52 on her next bday??? i think she will look even younger at 60! she seems to be ageing backwards and looks younger than someone in their 30's. she reminds me of madeline stowe in revenge. both women in their 50s yet not a single line on their face. not just lack of lines but she is super fair complexion

sreedevi looks gorgeousn lovely in this pic.she never goes wrong.

sridevi and financial trouble? she looks fine to me

Rhea needs to hit the gym

finally rakha ha changes her saari colour

Neetu Kapoor is rocking those white jeans! All those years ago as a heroine, she was chubby and now she's become hot. Rekha looks good.

Nice to see the actresses of the old days...Rekha is evergreen, Sridevi looks really beautiful here, and Neetu is as cute as ever. Good luck for Khoobsurat! Hoping the hard work pays off, and may Fawad and Sonam become HUGE stars, especially Fawad (Sonam already is a star)

Sri ji bested bollywood icon

Sri is a game changer for how the older generation of b'town should present themselves.. love her look.

OMG rhea is a kid!!! Adorable with rekha!

Sridevi super chic as always. Rekha continues her same boring style. Neetu's cute.

Sri devi ji is the best always wears stylish clothes

Sri will always be a style icon, this is a woman who has worked from a very young age made all the money and is actually spending it on her self to look this amazing, I know a lot of women who are loaded with moolah but are so fat and with terrible skin.

I love Sri.

Rekha knows how to carry a sari! the colour/texture it really works.

neelam looks cute. rekha needs to vary the color of her saris.

Rhea is herself. Kudos to the girl!

I like Sri outfit. Kind of like to see Rekha wear something like that. But I doubt she will.

good luck with the movie. Sonam, says what she thinks. Unusual for b-w. Hope it does well.

all the news that rekha wasnt happy for the movie thats too much the journalist should stop printing fake news for trp now

Why is Kareena wearing all black ??

Where is kareena's pics though???.. i checkd it two tyms from top to bottom..


Why is rekha wearing sindoor?

Sridevi wow!!!!!!!!!!

People wondering why Neetu Singh was at the screening, hello it's called they are family friends and have been even before the whole "KWK" rubbish happened. Clearly they've moved on from that incident (Rishi played Sonam's dad in Bewakoofiyan, like come on now its been 3 - 4 years now). Anyways I'm really happy they that Rekhaji was one of the first people to watch the movie and poor Rhea you can tell she hasn't had enough rest. 2 Days to go - good luck Team Khoobsurat xo

Woot Woot! Sriji, Rekhaji, they brought their a-game! Oh, poor Rhea, she hasn´t slept in a long long time! Neetuji & Co are cute, Mohit is such a cutie pie! All the best to the team: only 2 days left!

I say best Is neetu n she is awz the best ... luk her age ...no extra makeup ... natural... plus too good according to her age...

Good luck team Khoobsurat. Even though someone tried to steal your thunder at the right time (hmmm) you still have the goodwill of your fans and well wishers. I hope you shine on Friday.

Sridevi looks stunning as ever!

rekha oh my godddddddddddddddd compare old new extra new generation actressess ..... hands down ur the epitome of beauty ..... at the age of what she still loooooks sooooooooooooooo magnificient & classsyyyyyyy ... nooone and i mean nooone can compare her beauty to anyone ... LUV u rekha ... true fan sjk

Awwww anil kapoor's little daughter looks so simple and cute! Love her smile!

Kareena is going to look like in her aunt in just few years .

Neetu kapoor and kareena Kapoor don't look good .

I don't think sridevi thinks anymore .

Rhea can style anyone, but herself

Keeping fingers crossed for Khoobsurat.

Anil s son needs to start overdosing in steroids if hes going be the next big star kid. Also Why did Neetu come to see this movie..never knew her and Sonam were such good friends..after what she said on KWK

WHERE'S anil's son.i think u r referring to mohit marwaha.he is the son of anil's sister

deepika fans going to have trouble digesting sonam taking over. despite all the pr fronts both ends are putting. keep your enemies close

taking over what exactly? lol

really like the bag Sri Devi has

Did boney not wear the same thing the other day for the awards or something???

so u r following boney wardrobe now!!!!

sridevi wow

Fabulous handbag on Sridevi.

Sridevi's handbag.............

Rekha and Sridevi look gorgeous.

Rekha Thumbs up Sridevi Thumbs down

For Rekha its thumbs up & for Sridevi its thumbs down.

Where are the actual actors of the film though smh. I don't get the purposes of these screening

There is a purpose. They are showing respect by showing movie to Rekha first. Plus Rhea, the producer, is present. The actors are involved in promotions throughout the week.

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