Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan on the sets of a TV reality show

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Sonam Kapoor & Fawad Khan were spotted on the sets of the popular reality show Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega. These two actors will be seen together in the remake of 1980 release Khubsoorat, scheduled to hit theatres on 19th September, 2014.

Farah Khan & Anu Malik, the judges of the show were seen having a great time with the film stars mentioned.

Infact Farah Khan was seen having a good laugh with Sonam over a joke that they shared.

Anchors Krushna Abhishek & Mona Singh were present too.

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Shes got the best eyebrows is BW...they r just perfect

He needs to gain weight again!

He lost the weight coz he was sick last year and also he is diabetic.

They both look great together....

He always looks so uninterested in her.

Ya, he always has this serious face and looks disinterested in the promotions, maybe his role in the movie was chopped

You need to watch all the interviews he gave today for multiple tv channels before making any assumptions. He gave at least like 6-7 interviews today for the movie's promotions. He even missed Eid to be in India. Maybe he was tired?

No, think he just lack personality. He is cute and fun some moments when sonam teases him. He is new here, maybe he hasn't warmed up to it yet. Wait till the promotion near end. They will look like fast friends!!

Sonam you are looking so khoobsurat.. Don't know how you pull this dress off *__*

Uff.. catching up with all faward telefilms...he is indeed a good actor.. and that raising of left brow... was real , am liking him

Love you Sonam, always gorgeous

Lol anu Malik must be feeling awkward. Didn't he just accuse the movie of copying his old song and in turn revealed he himself had copied from a old Rajasthani folk song, this guy ;D

Just saw the khoobsurat trailer. Looks like a fun movie! Will definitely watch it!! The sonam Fawad pair looks good. Her excited personality, his snobbish prince character are well captured in the trailer. I want to see when he starts to fall for her. Should be a romantic fun movie!!

Over promotions 2 months before movie release , September is gonna be a headache with this fake woman all over the news

Fake woman? How she's a fake woman? Just because you're a hater doesn't mean you've to cross your limit!
Simple thing will be stop going into her posts.. Geez so annoying !

At least she is in the news for her work NOT with a boy like some others!

Love Sonam and her sweet personality! And I love the dress, her dressing sense is so unique and she looks beautiful in all of them, for me :)

he is so damn hottttttt :*

Fawad looking so slim, and thin, is he not well, he was so awesome in Zindagi and HUmsafer, something is off here..He really looks weak and frail.. Hope he is in good health, heard he is Diabetic, sometimes because if you loose lot of weight.. Guy is absolutely talented, wish him all the luck, he deserves good stories, amazing actor..

It saddens me to say this but Fawad isn't looking or giving the same feels as he did during 'Zindagi Gulzar Hai.' He is looking too thin and tired and that beard isn't doing justice to his usually handsome face. I hope he returns to his original health and glow. Adore him otherwise.

Absolutely right ! felt the same too. he looks too gaunt and skinny . Skinnier than sonam even !

I watched ZIndagi Gulzar hai on youtube. My god, Fawad you just stole me from myself.. Brilliant and i wish to see more such Drama's..

Fawad is cnwk she wore flats and fk was hardly an inch taller. He needs to put on weight...looks bad here! Sonam looks pretty, not digging her dress tho:/

OOPS! Taking it back (Kind of). Dude is tall because Sonam is no shortie, the height difference must be minimal tho, coz she is wearing kitten heels. *needs new glasses & THE DELETE OPTION; PINKVILLA*

If you go back to the trailer launch you'll see her wearing heels & still she isn't taller than him. A true model has a minimum required height & he fulfills that box, so he isn't short. As for the dress=the curse of Sateen, I swear!

Sonam is almost 5'9 and Fawad is 5'11. Fawad is not short but Sonam is definitely tall for a girl. Anyway Fawad is not wearing like 2inch heels that most short bollywood actors like Salman wear. I think he is looking good with Sonam. I agree he should put on weight.

@ the 2inch heels!

Lol. I swear it's true. Sometimes Salman looks taller than Katrina and we all know he is like 5'6 at most.

fawad get back ur spark...u look weak and frail...

Sonam's close-ups are always perfect...She's got beautiful and gorgeous features!! Farah looking pretty too..Can't this Fawad just smile for once?!

AWWWWW what A lovelyyyyyy couple.... eagerly waiting for thys movie....:)

Fawad is TALL! There aren't many actors my Sonam can work with with heels on. *.* I hope he puts a bit of weight back on, now that Ramadan is over. I´d still hit it with the mighty power of Thor's hammer though. #noshame

Yeah Fawad is 5'10 or 5'11. I don't know why people calling him short. I also hope he gains weight.

Nope..I don't think she's wearing heels! U can make out from the pic which exposes her sandals..They're flat sandals!! Though i agree that she isn't able to wear high heels with most of her co-stars except for Imran and Ranbir!! She herself has said this before!

Taking it back. They are kitten heels. *needs news glasses*

You forget Abhischek too.; he is the tallest of them all. :-) & Look @ the trailer launch, you'll see her heels. I think those sandals are some of her favs, they definitely have heels.

Yeah..I've seen her wearing these sandals before too! Don't quite know about the heel part though!! As for Abhishek I hadn't like their pair much so he just slipped out of my mind..But yeah he's tall too :)

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement