Sonam Kapoor's Unseen Pic From Filmfare Awards 2009

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An unseen pic of Sonam from the 54th Filmfare Awards. Here she presented the Best Lyrics award. Looks totally FAB!!!



She's wearing a bedsheet.

LOVE the dress, but white always looks best on darker skin.

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are you tat bored wid ur life? why ru commenting four times with dif comments, u loser!

GORGEOUS Dress!!! Must Have Right Now!!!!!! *craves* Sonam looked Spectacular...make-up, hair, dress...Spot on. Brining some Class And Glamour back into Inidan Award Shows.

she is someone who talks to get attention and has no matter in her head. a show off who is just a class 12th. what use is money if one can't even educate their children.

She bragged way too much abt this dress and the dress is hideous.

I don't like the dress it looks shabby and shapeless

She is looking gorgeous here. She is definately the one fashionista from bollywood who knows fashion to the fullest. She looks like supermodel. go girl...

cant stand this girl...way too much attitude and no talent...and poor dressing sense...this dress looks like a sac...

that's the chanel she was talkin bout, no?? Dont like it that much, isse toh achchi apni sasti sunder tikau white saree lagti thi, hai na?? hehe Naam bade, darshan chote lol i mean chanel the brand

Star Child has achieved 0.

Flop failed tryhard.


lookin gawjuss

Thu, 2009-03-05 04:25 -> not a Sonam fan or non-fan.. but to let you know: they are not bags under her eyes. They are genetic folds under the eye that occur when often younger faces smile naturally.. very common. This lighting makes it look extreme.. but nada wrong with her eyes. she's a Juhi-cute type for sure. hopefully, she's a nice person too.

She is very much adorable.I love her smile.

Lovely smile. fashion Diva!!!!

I love her style! Even though its not a 100% every time, I still admire her for taking fashion to another level that's not tacky! She clearly has some knowledge of fashion compared to other celebs.

Sonam's eyes!!No amount of makeup is able to cover up the bags...not even touched up photoshoots.Only in the recent Marie Claire we could see the shape of her eyes.But dead as usual.

She is lucky to have a gorgeous smile!But she over used it during the Delhi 6 Promotions...looked so silly,laughing away for no rhyme or reason.


I hate her

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