Behind the scenes of Farhan & Sonam's HT Brunch shoot

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Here are some exclusive photos from behind the scenes of Farhan Akhtar and Sonam Kapoor's HT Brunch Quarterly magazine shoot. The cover was shot by Rohan Shrestha. The day also happened to be Farhan's birthday and Farhan cut the cake at the shoot.

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OMG FARHAAAAAAAN you are soooo damn hot and sexy!

talent and personality bring out so much more sexiness in a person. I loved him in ZNMD... they guy has 'IT'!
~ Tue, 2012-03-20 07:37 — Anonymous

EXACTLY!! no ,i find him extremely talented....but calling him 'hot' is not worth.

Sonam must be in heaven... she finds Farhan Akhtar the most hot, sexy, attractive, desirable actor. Lucky her for getting Bhaag Milkha Bhaag opposite him then.

I, too, find him extremely attractive... John Abraham may be physically better looking... but talent and personality bring out so much more sexiness in a person. I loved him in ZNMD... they guy has 'IT'!

Second photo looks awkward.

why not say farhan is hot? hes a good looking attractive man..period

one aspect of Farhan that is A HUGE TURNOFF: is the sound of his voice. It sound so croaky!!

Delicious cake and lovely blue dress!

Sonam and Farhan will make nice on screen couple, they look just fab

to people saying does Sonam so anything else other than photo shoots... this shoot is done because Sonam and Farhan are working in a movie together called Bhaag Milkha Bhaag! movies, photo shoots and fashion... all apart of the job!

I luv these photos and I luv these two they look perfect together, it's a gorgus couple total luv for it

To people who don't think he's hot - i dont think it's his good looks that makes him hot.. the fact that he's so talented makes him super desirable = singer, good actor, great dancer and a fab director. Ps: i think he's smoking hot"

Anyone who says Farhan Akhtar is hot seriously needs to get their priorities right in life.

Does this girl do anything else other than do photoshoots and magazine covers?

Farhan looks so tired, Sonam looks so cute :)

farhan is hot!

im genuinely jealous of sonam hahah

I think they will make a good on-screen couple!

sonam looks amazing.Especially in black and blue dress.Dying to see the photoshoot

he is sooooooo hot!!!!! and they look good together

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