Sridevi, Jhanvi and Khushi at 'Fugly' screening

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Mohit Marwah who debuts with 'Fugly' held a special screening of the movie for his family.

In attendance at the do were Sridevi with daughters Jhanvi and Khushi.(For people not aware, Mohit happens to be the nephew of Boney Kapoor).

After Mohit, we will get to see another Kapoor debuting in Bollywood soon. Sonam's brother Hardhvardhan will be seen in Rakeysh Omprakash's Mirza Sahibaan.

Rumors are also rife that Sridevi's daughter Jhanvi is also set for a Bollywood debut. With Anil, Boney, Sanjay, Sonam, Arjun, Rhea, Mohit , Harshwardhan and Jhanvi all making their way into Bollywood, one can now safely say that this Kapoor klan is the biggest Kapoor klan out there.

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Why are people so awful towards these girls?! You see a picture of them at an event every now and then and assume you know everything about their lives. You don't know that what their priorities are or what's in their heads or how they perform in school. They're the children of celebrities, they don't need to hide in their houses 24/7 to prove some point. No one says anything when SRK's kids are photographed out and about, but these girls get such hateful comments. Mind your own business and look after your own kids instead of worrying about these girls, who haven't done ANYTHING wrong.

I agree with you 100%. People are so hateful!! You guys have no right to judge them.Please concentrate on your own families. And for your information, this is a family event as you all know that the guy is a cousin of the girls. If you don't like Sri and her daughters then ignore the post of hers and don't come to her page. I can't imagine how people write such bad thing about the girls, or is it jealousy !!!??

jhanvi and khushi ought to be filling their heads with more than just beauty, fashion, and parading around with their mom.

sri and her daughters are an irritating bunch.

Now that madhuri dixit's career has failed, all her fans only attack sridevi personally. Because career wise there is nothin to talk about madhuri...go on guys...

You are not welcome , janvi.

haha clearly in denial here buddy. she's never been in better position. successful tv show that every stars wants to be in to promote their movies, critics praised movie (dedh ishqiya) etc...failed ? yeah right.

What in gods name are they wearing. They all look hedious.

well sri u still rock.waiting for yr tamil movie with vijay.

Homewreaker trying to be family .

Aren't you really tired of saying this again and again?? We are nobody to talk about their personal lives, but career only. And career wise madhuri has flopped and sridevi has won!!

I heard deols wanted jahnvi or Amrita Singh's daughter for karan deol's debut film..i wonder if they started working on script yet

I thought plastic surgery was supposed to make you look better! not worse! sridevi looks horrible without the 20 pounds of makeup she normally has on!!! damn!

Younger one looks like a typical southindian girl.

and what do you look like?

Nope..she doesnt.. she inherited those 'exquisite' features from her dad and not from Sri Devi. So Dad and Daughter are and looks like pure north Indians.. Sri Devi is south Indian and elder daughter who inherited her features looks like one too..

lol all of you hating on sridevi for bringing her daughters and speculating that jahnvi is joining bollywood will be SO disappointed to hear jahnvi's real career plans

Lol I doubt anyone will be disappointed to learn that she is not joining Bollywood if that's what you are insinuating

They have some luxurious hair!

Yeah, we get it that your daughter is making a debut soon.

I love Sridevi as an actress but to be honest this TRIO is annoying.

sridevi looks best in indian clothes and pants (thank god no dresses or short skirts)

Just for once, it would be so refreshing to see a star kid go the academic way, I mean these kids can go to the best of the best universities with the kinda' money their parents have (given that they're intelligent and get in). Can you imagine hearing I am Mr. X Khan's daughter and I have an MBA from Harvard or I am Mr. Y Kapoor's son and I have an M.D from Johns Hopkins...?

Saif Ali Khan's daughter is studying at Columbia

Anshula - their step sister graduated from Columbia and now works for Google in India :) I guess she is the only one!

covered up and normal for once - good job jhanvi

they are not pretty. hate me all you want.

I don't hate you in fact I love you for standing by the truth and saying it out loud! PREACH.

sridevi's feet look bad in those heels...

sridevi looks gorgeous


sreedevi still so hot at this age.she dresses so well.

Seriously man... don't these kids have friends their own age to hang out with?? And Sri would do well to learn to be her own person... instead of being so clingy and dragging her kids to every possible appearance she makes...This has gotten ridiculous now...

Jhanvi has many friends - stop being ignorant, I understand you want to degrade sridevi.

Jhanvi has a facebook profile that is filled with photos of her friends, than sridevi. Sridevi will never be alone without her kids, she is an introvert and very shy so she needs the company of her daughters. Even Babita Kapoor was always with her daughters and never alone. Sridevi is lucky to have daughters - a mother's best friend! if I'm jobless enough to go and checkout Sri's daughters' FB profiles.... And please spare me this nonsense abt daughters and mothers' best friends....Many of us are extremely close to our mothers but we have our own lives...Sri is a 50 year old woman... about time she worked on her shyness...

and whom are you fooling dear? If you can conclude Sri's daughters are always with her, and to read & reply to my comment, then yes you are jobless!
Even if Sridevi turns 90, she will still be clicked as much as today , because she is not just the greatest actress, but a successful one too, unlike anyone else in bollywood.

Stylish family. Loving the whole crisp denim look.

It's funny how bollywood have sucess parties when the budget of the film is not recovered I thought you suppose to earn praise film families say the actors didn't good even if they do bad how the hell do they know if they are even good ti

Sridevi looks great in those jeans, she's so skinny. Cute family.

I wonder why these kids are always ALWAYS in the limelight, Jhanvi has lovely hair though.

Something is majorly wrong with sridevi's nose here.

Hahaha lol they never go to school and they are being in the limelight to early and so they are gonna work hard and get a good education bullshit in a few year karan johar will be launching one them and star kids are gonna be more hated yeah it's true and they don't have to work hard so go to events and hope someone will notice them starkids are taking advantage of it and those outsiders that are better looking and work hard don't even get a chance cause there not have a film background bollywood going to have a new name and it's familywood

Yahh and the normal people can have a string of boyfriends and can use them as stepping stools and be number one some day. Start kids don't dothat u its a win-win.

They dont need to go to school when they chose films as career.

they all have almost same nose ;-)

These kids ll never go to school ?? They r seen everywhere.

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