Sridevi's 80's Magazine Covers

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Some people have the confusion that Sridevi became the No.1 with Nagina which is not true. Sridevi actually became the No.1 in 1983 after the release of Himmatwala and her other hits. Yes, Nagina has consolidated her Numero Uno position and increased the benchmark and standards of the No.1 heroines and made Sridevi one woman industry where she has written her own terms and rules. The first cover is an interesting Filmfare cover from 1984 which states Sridevi - Unquestionably No.1.

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It's wonderful to see these 80's covers! They are vintage, retro, cool:)

She sure RULED and she did that for LONG time. It's weird why the media doesn't pay much attention to it. Maybe because of her horrible pr skills and marriage to Boney?

Not sure, but anyways: let's give the devil her due, the public LOVES Sridevi.


The only actress who ruled the industry unchallenged for over a decade
And the only woman who can make a female centric film a blockbuster/hit (Nagina,chandni, chalbaaz, judaai, gumrah)
The only actress who can make a bad film watchable
And sadly the most under rated actress. I am saying this because media are always not on her side

beautiful.........That time used to be enclosed by talent everywhere unlike now.

Movies lost the charm of those times, now movies have become a 2.5 hrs modeling program.

According to me Sridevi is the best actress till date.

Sriji is my absolute favourite.

I am a great fan of Sridevi.

Sridevi's magazine photo shoots are great.

Sri is my favourite actress till date.

Sridevi is The Goddess.

She is such a talented actress,love her.

her eyes are so intoxicating.

Sridevi is so stunning!

Sriji should make a comeback as she is a great actress.

sridevi is always very sweet and my father is a die heart fan of her's

Sri is a very pretty actress.

Sri is absolutely beautiful.

There can be no second Sridevi,she is only one of her kind.

Its always great to watch sridevi wether on magazine covers or in films.

sridevi's photo shoots are always perfect,in the past or even now.

Sridevi should comeback to films as she is a great actress.

Sri is looking very stunning on the magazine covers.

Sridevi is my all time favourite.

Chalbaaz and Lamhe are great reminiscence of my childhood.

sridevi, woman with no chin

WOW! sridevi rocks!!! :D

no one can be as funny yet chic as her..

Nawww so sweet!! I have never been a big sridevi fan but her movies are entertaning.
Love the musical on both videos!

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