Suzanne Roshan's Hi! Living Magazine Scans

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Suzanne Roshan's Hi! Living Magazine Scans. Suzanne wears outfits by Giorgio Armani and Nandita Mahtani in the photoshoot. In the accompanying interview, she talks about her career as an interior designer.
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she is a good person and has a great personality,thats all that matters

there are many many interior designers in Mumbai. Sadly they dont make it to these magazines because they are not married to hrithik roshan.

Mon, 2011-04-18 10:18 — Anonymous being tiny and having boobs are not related. it's a matter of genes. many tiny people have pretty good boob size LOL! and yes let's appreciate her she does good work...she is a creative person. she doesn't just sit around.

How can she be so tiny and have boobs??? I am jealous!! lol

ok yes she's been spruced up for the shot and yes she is more visible now..but so what, she's not just sitting and loafing around. She is intelligent and doing something with her time and life. The reason why i respect her is that she's such a wonderful part of his family and is very supportive as a wife and d-i-l. The Roshan family is very fond of her. Cmon ladies, let's appreciate her...


She had the looks and family connections to back her up if she wanted to act or model. She did not need to wait for Hrithik to launch her. I guess she does some odd modelling here and there like for her sister's company or just magazines..whats the big deal? I dont think she's desprate to be fam ous coz she was never a newcomer to glitz and glamour.

wow i love her last shot...

People she has opened a new store - the charcoal project and is an established interior designer .She is not on the cover coz she is a star wife - she is there because of her own success and accomplishments .

LOLZ @ gaida'cookbook .. suzanne looks great though in these pics

shes pretty..its just her really droopy eyes that kills her looks..

It seems as if She desperately wanted to model and she got a chance....
There is nothing that screams or for that matter tells that this is a serious interview of a interior designer. It slike Giada de Laurentis Cook books, which has 150 pics of her and her cleavage and barely 20 pics of the recipes!!!

Moderators, publish this comment....Thank you

Again,,, why is she on the cover? because she is hrithik's wife?

she looks like charlotte from sex and the city..

Amazing pics. She looks gorgeous in them.

After Hrithik cheated on her with that mexican starlet, Suzanne has become so much more high profile now, she's everywhere now , showing everyone how hot she is, lol . We get it, Suzanne, Hrithik's a pig .

she is one of the most beautiful woman in the world

i love the wings shot although it could have been a bit more prettier

She looks like an angel - so serene !!!

very chic!

These pictures must be airbrushed to the max, because she actually looks decent in them.

Her face is more balanced now... shes got some work done

why is she trying so hard to come in the limelight?

not nice

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