Trailer: 'Margarita, with a Straw' featuring Kalki and Revathy

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Here’s the trailer of Margarita with a Straw, starring Kalki Koechlin. This is an intensely personal film dealing with a topic that hardly any movies have met on - sexuality and disability.

This is a tale about a young rebellious woman who embarks on a breathtaking journey of self-discovery.

The movie, produced and directed by Shonali Bose, made its world premiere on 8 September as part of the Contemporary World Cinema Programme at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. The film is expected to have a national release in India in 2015.

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Kalki's performance is mind blowing!

Forget awards,even if this movie gains acceptance amongst moviegoers in India, it will be a huge achievement because it definitely looks radical in terms of the kind of films the general Indian audience is accustomed to. I just hope like one of the posters below said a good distributor picks this up and gives it the release it deserves. Coming back to the trailer, I absolutely LOVED it - Kalki's simply fab in it, she just held my attention throughout and the story looks very intriguing. Good luck to the whole team!

I saw this film at TIFF and it was AMAZING. Standing ovation, and Shonali Bose and Kalki were amazing in the Q&A afterwards. Shonali Bose is a brilliant filmmaker. Loved her Amu and love this film. Can't wait to see more from her, and I hope this film gains a lot of good recognition in India too just like it has in Toronto.

I saw the trailer a few weeks ago before it was posted on Pinkvilla. Glad they finally decided to promote it here. This movie received critical acclaim at Toronto Film Festival and got the Best Asian Film award. They are travelling to various festivals this year so hopefully they find a good release date next year in India. Abroad, I think it's guaranteed it will do well cuz international moviegoers respond strongly to strong content like the Lunchbox. Hopefully, this movie has great pre-release buzz when it releases in India next year and honest distributors, exhibitors and promoters who promte this movie well.

and all the awards for this year should go Kalki.."drumrolls" ....this is just freaking amazing.

Priyanka's performance in Barfi was overhyped!! Now this is called "acting," hats off to you, Kalki!!

with this kind of difficult role n amazing acting,im not surprised if kalki takes away all the best actress award for next year.....rani pc alia kangana madhuri seems doesnt have any chance to win

OMG amazing!

she's killed it! super proud

KALKI is just amazing!

Let's hope this is a good meaningful movie and not boring off beat stuff Bollywood gives us. Really longing to watch a good movie. I think tigers would be a movie to watch out for.

Kalki is soooo pretty :-) Girl crush !!

Thank God for actresses like Kalki.

It is up to us all to support these movies and make them a big hit.....People.. lets watch this on the big screen and not wait for it to come on TV or Pirated DVD's/ CD's...

woah. that was moving, caught me off guard. Why didn't they set it in India, there are enough phoren films out there.

Oh my God! This looks amazing. Kalki is dynamite. Dynamite indeed. Hello Oscar.

KALKI, KALKI, KALKI.......what a brilliant actress!!

Love it. Here is a movie I wanna watch. Kalki and Revathy are so good!Why can't they make movies like this?

This is just another level awesome!

This is just so brilliant. Amazing stuff.

Are you kidding me Kalki!! Take a bow!!!

She's an amazing actress.

The last part was so cute ! Looking forward to it !

That was such an amazing trailer! Kalki rules!! This is an award-winning performance! Hope people go and the film..heard it was lauded at the Toronto film festival

this I want to watch!!!! excited!!! still some good cinema: haider, margarita with a straw, finding fanny fernandes. I'm gonna skip the commercial nonsense bang bang and happy new year.

Wow!!! Went through so many emotions in 3 minutes. Intriguing.

Wow!!! Went so many emotions in 3 minutes. Intriguing.

Kalki you are brilliant, just brilliant

Have to watch this .

wow did not expect that. will defo watch it

wow did not expect that. will defo watch it

Wow!! What a brilliant actress Kalki is:)

wow im so astonished by this trailer! will def see this!! :D

Kalki is such a unique actress... Brilliant trailer and I feel the film just wont disappoint me. Shonali semms to have another ace up her sleeves. More women power. You make Indian cinema proud.

More women power....jeez,why do u women have to blow ur trumpets and limit every film that has female lead

because women in indian cinema are always marginalized to supporting roles and frankly we are fed up and want things to change.

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