Urmila Matondkar and Huma Qureshi cheer for Manish Malhotra

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Old friend Urmila Matondkar and actress Huma Qureshi were amongst those who were seen cheering for Manish Malhotra. The ace fashion designer unveiled his latest collection 'Portraits' at India Couture Week in New Delhi.

Alia Bhatt & Aditya Roy Kapur were the show-stoppers that evening wearing Manish's designs. Also spotted in the audience were Shahnaz Husain, Vandana Luthra, Sunil Sethi and Ramola Bachchan.

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this pose is so awkward pose especially hand

urmila urmila everyone wants you back...she actually didn't get what she deserved i always felt that. dancing, looks, naturally FIT body Not just bones, pretty yet normal , great actress!
she tried different things, a satya,kaun, judaai, pyar tune kya hai.....she had guts to go makeup free and now actresses do it, but in 1996 no one did it. even back then biggies like yash chopra and karan johar or big stars didnt really work with her, i always felt so cuz she didnt have a PR back then, she didnt suck up to people, she wasn't fake, she wasnt really from a bollywood family,she kind of suffered despite showcasing her talent again and again.
i hope she gets all the happiness,and more success in films (she deserved more)

karishma used to be life of manish show, why not dis tym she is dere??

Urmila is so gorgeous... Miss her on screen :(

urmila where are u? We need more actresses like u! seriously. You had everything talent, body , dancing versatility everything. Today you give four hits do one Slb movie you are legend. People think making body and faces meaning national award wining performances and if they don't get award they will whine about it on every platform. Just give two good performances wear a sari and you are Meryl Streep. Today's heroines are known because of their high profiles boyfriends, affairs and connection with certain khans. They lack intellect ,dignity, grace and self respect. They will kiss donkey in public if somebody pay them well. I miss you please come back if not at least start acting academy we seriously need it.

urmi is so sweet, i always wonder what she is doing these days? prolly watching saas bahu serials? lol...blo0dy hell there were some scary faces as well in the audience

Damn Urmila doesnt age at all does she? Looks awesome

Beautiful Collection. I want Gold and White Embroidered Maxi Dress.

Urmila is amazing. I have always loved her as an actress as well as a person, she's simple and never scandalous. Away from the public eye, which makes her mysterious and simple. She is definitely the most underrated n versatile actress in bollywood, she shouldve been credit a lot more for her performances in bhoot, ek haseena thi, kaun, satya, pyaar tune ye kya kiya, judai, pinjar, deewangi OMG the list could go on and on. Always blown away and entertained by her in movies. Wish could see her on screen again :( She also danced great. And mostly, her dresses are gorgeous and well-fitting during Manish Malhotra ramp walks but this time, this dress doesnt to justice to her, but she still rocks it with that bubbly/natural expression :)

Errr I think Manish gave Urmila the tackiest dress of the whole collection! Huma's one is really nice and she really looks stunning in it.

Urmila is so pretty! I think she's one of the most underrated actors in Bollywood. And Huma is just beautiful, that face is just perfect!


Urmila is so pretty she needs to be on screen

Do not like the color of both Urmila and Huma;s dress. Both bordering on being dull and lifeless even with the embroidery or lace ( is it lace on Huma's dress ?). Glad to see Urmila and hope we see more of her in some good movies. Why does Shenaz always cover her neck even in the hot summers ?

Amazing love what urmila is wearing!

Urmila looks so gorgeous as usual. Miss her so much onscreen. Urmila please come back!!

missing karishma, i thought like always she wud be here.. disappointed, wanna see karishma and urmila together next time, make it possible.

no karirsma kapoor, den not interested, she was a real show stopper..

no karirsma kapoor, den not interested, she was a real show stopper..

karishma and urmila shud cme together.

Good to see Urmila again. Crazy how she went from crazy fame to almost obscurity, so sudden.

great to Urmila after ages

This time's Manish Malhotra's collection is just fantastic! I love it

I only like Urmila's dress. Me wants it …

i miss urmila

Wow huma looks amazinggg......she has really lost a whole lot of weight that is clearly visible nd she is lookin way younger nw.....a determined daily exercise routine really does pay off

I like these collections of Manish Malhotra after long time

Huma really looks beautiful! She's talented too..want to see more of her on screen!

Wow, Manish Malhotra designed these? What a major downgrade! Please come back in movies, Urmi! Feels so great to see you after what seemed to be a long time.

Huma looks fab.

The fitting on these clothes, even on the models is horrible. That's messed up for a major designer come on!

I like most of these clothes. They look very rich and the color combinations are nice. Why is everyone wearing their skirts like 5 inches below the navel? Disgusting. I am afriad next thing they will think it is high fashion to show the edges of pubic hair. *Shaking my head*

Urmia looks stunning. Anyone know what she's doing these days????

Ur mila looking so good:):) this actress never gets what she deserves!!!!she is one fine dancer and actress!!!

I miss Urmila's presence onscreen.
She has delivered power-pact stellar preformence during her time!

urmila looks too old.

Why don't u say the same thing on the bollywood uncles posts. People have a problem only when women age even if they look better than the old grandpas of bollywood still playing the roles of a 30 year old men.

only karisma kapoor can bring d spark in manish show.

Indian fashion making a comeback finally

Finally Indian fashion is making a comeback!

It looks so date. I not at all like Manish now

Alia bhatt as showstopper amongst this sea of beauties..Nepotism at its height.

Urmila still looks fine!

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