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Alia, Sidharth attend ‘Hercules’ screening hosted by Varun

Photos,Varun Dhawan,alia bhatt,Sidharth Malhotra,Mohit Marwah
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Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra were spotted at the screening of Hollywood movie ‘Hercules’ that was hosted by their good friend and actor Varun Dhawan.

Varun, self-proclaimed ‘Dwayne Johnson fan’, hosted a special screening of the movie featuring the Hollywood star at Sunny super sound on Wednesday.

The actor wanted to be one of the first few to catch the film in India and was seen having a gala time watching the movie with buddies Alia, Sidharth and Mohit Marwah.

On the rainy evening, the hot and successful youngsters of B-town headed home after a fun night out. While Alia and Sidharth are all giggly, Varun, who is in a separate car seems to be a bit bothered by the paparazzi.

Alia and Varun's 'Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania' and Sidharth's 'Ek Villain' has fared well at the box office, giving the trio reason to celebrate.

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Loooooove SID's overall presence, I hope he gets selected for Rohit-Srk's next film.

hey did u guys noticed that sid and alias clothes r kind of matching??

Sid is looking so hot.sid and varun looks are so different.i like both looks but sid look is best.

Loving Varun's new look...Hot!

Look at Sidz biceps. oh man........... I m literally dead. Like Sidz shoes!

Awww, cute!

How did the media/paparazzi even know that Varun was "hosting" the movie unless they were told? Then he acts all annoyed with them. LOL

All 3 look good. BTW Aalia Bhatt is really looking cute here. ;-)

Alia is wearing Sid's cap.

Varun also has the same cap. I guess Karan gifted same cap to all his 3 students.

Sid has the same cap in maroon color.

Maroon one is different. He has same black cap.

Poor kid Varun is losing his hair fast like Ranbir. For the anon below, what ever Sid's preference is his own personal choice. The girls should not be sad anyway, because he will be the sole lover/husband of only one girl and unreachable for the rest. Be prepared ;)

Alia is looking so pretty.

Sid looks much better here than his filmfare mag shoot.

Ek villain is all about villain love story.villain is sid.sid u r the best.love u lot.sid u r looking so dashin vashing and handsome sandsome.

1. they r not coming from Kjo house. they r attending Harcules screening hosted by VD. 2. Sid, is it about u written in Filmfare ''Guess Who'', Very bad baby!!!!!

Yes its written about sid and parineeti.

It's fake. Can't bring myself to believe it. Sid appears to be too good, genuine and nice to do something like that. Sid and Pari still share a very good bond. She is not at all bitter about him. She anyways had to loose the weight for Kill Dill. They are assuming that there has to be some reason of that sort for her having started to loose weight after HTP. Crazy Blind tems. The only guy in BW who I think she had an affair with is Uday Chopra.

Even nice guys get involved in misunderstandings and relationships that don't work out. You don't have to be a total jerk to break someone's heart, sometimes a relationship just doesn't work out.

Ek Villain was a bigger hit
I think karan chose the wrong time (during ramdaan) to release HSKD
All Taran Ardash did was share the North America figures because it did well there.
So yeah
but Dharma has too big a ego to admit the movie didnt fare well

HSKD is a much entertaining film than Ek Villain. Ek Villain may have done more than 100 cr but it was flawed, felt like Ekta Kapoor serials, required patience to sit through. I sat through entire film only for Sid. Had it been some other actor, would have walked out of the movie. Honestly, Sid had some great moments but he was pathetic in that hospital scene when Shraddha recovers and he has some dialogues telling her that she has all her life now to do things. His acting there was cringeworthy and this is coming from a fan. I want him to perform and not get flattered by these numbers. He has an awesome face, body and voice but he needs to modulate his voice more in different ways.

firstly, I respect ur opinion, but here I have something to say. I also feel Ek Villain cant justify its hype. it could be much much better. but the performance of the leads has made it watchable. I really like Sidz performance throughout d movie esp. in the hospital scene when he shouted ''mere bachche ki maa banne wali thi woh''. that was really good. and his acting is not cringe worthy at all. I did not see HSKD, so I should not talk about dis. it could not make me interested to watch d movie. Sorry for long essay...:).

Not that scene. The scenes where they show Shraddha undergoing treatment after they move to Mumbai post marriage. And reports come that she is fine now.

Thats kjo's house, I'm curious about Siddharth's preference, its not a a bad thing but sad for us girls. I mean, why he's always seen with them. Why not with another girl.

What ever he does and his preferences are is his own business. Yes it is not a bad thing, but why are you sad, he is out of your reach either way.

Out of your reach too , but the problem is our dreams becomes bad dreams

That's not KJo's house. They are coming after a spl screening of movie Hercules held by Varun.

I'm curious about Siddharth's sexuality, why he's always seen with them, why not with another girl

Sid and alia friendship is super se b uper.alia is very carefull about sid.sid also cares alia.sid love u.

btw on KWK she said Sid looked right pass her.
i dont know whats all this tamasha for really

She was lying. Watch promo videos u'll come to know the truth.

oh no
alia again!!!
someone hide her away

Alia's lucky to be hanging out with all these men . Seriously give me any one of the above

People hate on Sid-Alia so much cuz they themselves know they share the most special and REAL bond ever..Sid never looks so genuinely happy,comfortable or at ease with any other actresses..he is himself with Alia and thats why he likes her company a lot..maybe unlike some of his fans,he isnt shallow to judge Alia by the way she looks...She is the least manipulative actress full of refreshing honesty and innocence..Sid is the same and hence he connects to her....Alia has stood by him during thick and thin(Sid himself acknowledged that).She is not like some other actress,who is sucking up to Sid as soon as he hit the big league with EV.Also seriously jealousy of some shippers couldnt be more obvious..So whenever Sid praises or goes out with Alia,its cos Kjo is pressurizing him but whenever he appreciates Pari or Deepu,its out of his precious feelings from inner depths of his hearts..smh! RIP Logic.No ones a fool here to not see thru ur true intentions so pls cut the crap
For the others,get rid of ur insecurity for once,appreciate Alia's goodness,her amazing bond with Sid and how happy she makes Sid feel when around him,if u are a loyal Sid fan for once.

You have to watch Sid and Pari promotional HTP interviews if you think he isnt comfortable with other actresses.....full on masti they are together

yesss i have n everywhere sid said aliaa comes first n he wasnt sooo comfartable pari hardly let him speak

Honestly, I am not a fan of Pari or Alia, only Sid so I am kinda unbiased that way :)..but having seen the promotional interviews of soty and htp and EV I can definitely say that Sid is most comfortable with Pari..never seen him laugh so much and crack so many jokes with either Alia or Shraddha...but having said that it also seems like a friendly relationship...I don't think Sid Pari gave off romantic vibes or anything

No..he never said Alia comes first..he said its tough to pick one...He said Alia is special because of their history of first film, first shoot etc. but he said that with Pari he had more fun onscreen so it was difficult to pick his favorite..please don't play with words.

Kjo pls dont listen to jealous Varlia and Sidneeti shippers

pls cast 100 crore hero Sid and 100 crore heroine Sidlia in a movie soon

Alia ahs been dying to work with Sid since HTP,but u always disappoint her...not this time around pls.

People plz stop hating Alia. She always cared for sid not just now. I am one crazy fan of sid n i'd noticed that many times before too

I think bollywood should develop one castin department on PV .. Get what you suggest in majority

Alia and sid jodi will rock so plz cast them together in remake of warriors.i also listen news about kriti cast opposite sid.i love kriti and sid jodi.wow so nice kriti alia and sid.varun and shraddha rock in abcd2.but sid and alia rocks at that time in everywhere.

I think Alia is opposite Sid in Warriors. It may be a small yet good role as Karan Malhotra did a good job with Priyanka's small role in Agneepath.

no sid siad there is no female lead opposite him in worrior

ZERO chemistry~!! so plz dnt cast dem together.
hope u see dis KJO!!!

Sid and alia rock if kjo cast them together.kjo u understand it.

so dont like seeing her always wid Sid!!!why are dey always together? cnt alia find someone who looks her age? mybe sum1 15 or 16 :/

jealous much??

I'm convinced that these three have no other friends. and you know karan was in the car somewhere, and just didnt get photographed.

they really support and love each other.and I don't think alia is all over sid.whatever is going on between them..seems mutual.

Alia is after Sid cause he's a hit actor? Alia and Sid have been best friends since before SOTY released. Alia always have referred to both Sid and Varun as "my boys" and a hit and flop is not going to change that. Seriously people grow up and stop hating on everything this poor girl does.

KJo is probably in the car behind them

is there no girl in bw so she can hangout with?

She does hangout with her college friends.


She did her XI and XII grades from college not school.

Lol trying to create this non existing chemistry....promotions already started! They're doing this on K'jos order so I won't blame them.

Mirchi bahut lagi hai

zero chemistry is what I see in ur profile pic :p

Hi delusional Varun.Alia shipper...u shud join Dharma u hv written a whole imaginery story..do u think Kjo hv no other job 2 do..also thy r genuine and not doing it for any promotions like ur Varun does wid evryone..

Really?? U would think so.

Aalia kabhi to akela chor do mere sid ko :/ chipakti rehti he hamesha

The two ppl at the back of varuns car look like Sid n Alia :s

Sid seems so humble and shy! I love him for that, lol looking at all these pics i guess alia does too!

Umm Alia is not running after Sid bcs he has a hit..its such a stupid logic if u look at soty promotions and live chat u will see Alia alwys supported Sid and wud push him forward to dance on stage wid Dhawan who will always b on ur face dancing and showing off..thy hv a genuine bond whtevr it is...and Sid is all over her bg and prof pic in her insta/twitter accs...soo cuute :))

Alia stay away from my sid :@

I love sid but just dun like it when he hangs out Wid alia all the time,there is lots of other actress,too

Everybody hangs out with friends not acquaintances. He has done films with only three actresses. Pari is busy promoting DEI. He is fond of Pari. Shraddha is busy shooting ABCD2. Moreover i don't think he is freinds with Shraddha. Alia is the one he has worked longest with (2yrs while making SOTY) and both are Dharma talent so he knows her much more than any other actress. Which actress you want him to hang out with?

M not hater of alia but M Fed up seeing her everywhere!!

Sid and Alia start annoy me!

No KJo?! I'm amazed!

They are coming out of KJo's residence. KJo is inside his house and they all are leaving after a get-together.

I don't like how Alia is all over Sid now that he had a hit. I bet once Varuna gets a hit she will go after him.

In your dreams.

Alia was always all over Sid from SOTY promotion days. Only Varun Alia shippers couldn't see that or they were in denial. Varun is very serious about his gf and i don't think he is interested in fooling around with any actress. Varun and Alia are best friends with no love angle. Sid and Alia are also best friends but with a scope of love angle.

Alia is only there to cover up her dad (kjo) & his bf & her friend (more like her bro) as well (sid)'s relationship. So varun -alia may have any scope but for sid- alia the scope is nil. As she loves her dad (kjo) to death & cant break his heart :;D

HAte Varun but love Sid.

I love all three of them. Varun is quite talented.

well,sid must be given time...as he is nt from industry like varun is.....sid trying to mark his place in the industry by himself not like varun wiz help of his dad or brother! i lyk sid..

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