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Here is the review for the movie Fugly. Watch out this space for more updates!

Rating:1.5/5 Review By:Saibal Chatterjee Site:NDTV

As the villain in uniform, Jimmy Sheirgill is neither menacing nor convincing. The fault isn’t entirely his – the role is just too badly written. Can boxing champ Vijender Singh act? To be charitable, he gives the assignment his best shot, but he is unlikely to win any medals for the effort. His punches are anything but killer blows.
Mohit Marwah, in the guise of the angry young man, shows occasional flashes of promise.But saddled with a role that literally yokes him to a hospital bed, there isn’t much he can do to rise above the mess. Kiara Advani does a fair job of looking pretty. She also gets some of the better lines to spout.
Let’s stop being stupid, she intones at a point of the film when things threaten to turn really corny.
Fugly simply can’t help it.

Rating:0/5 Review By:Mohar Basu Site:Koimoi

For film critics, movies like Fugly is nothing less than traumatic. A bunch of haywire newbies find themselves lost in a plot that is ridiculous and lame which kills you by the end. If by God’s grace you survive the slang talk and sleaze show, the climax murders you. In a typical Rang De Basanti weds Highway climax done in all seriousness, there is no scope to laugh at it either. It is a plain, flat and bad film that must be avoided under every circumstance.

Rating:3/5 Review By:Taran Adarsh Site:Bollywood Hungama

The performances are strong, with Kiara Advani and Jimmy Sheirgill leading the pack. Mohit Marwah makes a confident debut, interpreting his character with insight and conviction. He has this amazing intensity which gels well with his character. Vijender Singh has screen presence and surprises you with an effective portrayal. Arfi Lamba underplays his part well and maintains the grip over his performance all through.
On the whole, FUGLY is relatable that portrays several episodes that mirror the realities and the problems the youth encounter in the present times. A decent entertainer!

Rating:4/5 Review By:Subhash K Jha Site:IANS

"Fugly" is the cinema of social awakening. It tackles issues such as gay prostitution, khaki-clad fascism and the excess of television journalism, perhaps cramming in too many social issues in order to make the subject relevant and resonant. And yet nowhere does the director seem to bite into more than he can chew.
The ending will shock and move audiences.
Two of the actors Mohit Marwah and Kiara Advani are star material. Their on screen relationship remains undefined, unpunctuated by the mandatory item song.
This film possesses a very rare virtue. A conscience.

Rating:1.5/5 Review By:Shubhra Gupta Site:Indian Express

‘F*UGLY* begins with a hint of promise, and it could have gone down some paths less travelled. But it meanders, and loses its way.

Rating:/ Review By:Suprateek Chatterjee Site:Firstpost

Shergill isn’t a bad actor and, to be fair, he makes a valiant effort here to seem menacing. However, it does seem to be a case of unsatisfactory casting for a role that Yashpal Sharma, Vijay Raaz, Manu Rishi, or about half a dozen other character actors in Hindi cinema could’ve played with ease. Meanwhile, the four main characters stick to playing versions of themselves and, really, that cannot qualify as acting. Especially bad are Marwah and Advani, who are still very self-conscious in front of the camera.
A terrible story is a terrible story, but a terrible story being told by someone with an overconfident smirk on their face is the worst thing ever.

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the movie will earn around 20 crores i.e half the budget of fifa wc opening ceremony

People no need to worry about Kiara. She belongs to Salman Khan's club he will give her a movie !

Lol feel bad for kiara advani she was making such a big del out of herself!

0.......................LMAO! Taran adarsh and Jha pack ur bags ASAP

HAhahahaha....................... 0, Hahahahaha..........................

Last time a bollywood movie got 0 was Zanjeer(2013).

For your first movie getting 0/5 is like school failing scores all over again :p

I swear Taran Adarsh and Subhash K Jha are the worst critics I've ever seen.

why only Subhash K Jha & Taran Adarsh Reviews are different than others??? just asking :P

Hehehe 0 out of 5

Ouch. Who knew Akki was doing his Grazing Goat partners a favor by burying this film in a slot where it would get overshadowed by his own Holiday?

Getting a '0' is so bad...

If taran has given 3 stars then movie is super duper flop! Seriously for avg film he gives 4 stars!!

Subhash K Jha & Taran Adarsh make me laugh, shameless.

0 out of 5 - Ouch! :P

read the full review - it's hilarious, the reviewer sure was pissed!

:P I've never seen a movie score 0 - didn't think it possible.

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