5 trekking outfits inspired by Kareena Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, and others to help you gear up and conquer trails in style

planning an adventurous outdoor trip? 5 trekking outfits inspired by celebs like Kareena Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, and more that you need to pin for your next adventureous outing.

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5 trekking outfits inspired by celebs
5 trekking outfits inspired by celebs ( pc: Celeb instagram)

It is the right time to go on that exciting trekking trip you have always dreamed of. For first-time trekkers, the experience can be exhilarating and physically demanding, so choosing the best trekking outfit for the hike is quite crucial. This is not just about how good it would look, but also about staying comfortable and safe throughout the hiking.

Bollywood celebrities are no strangers to sporting glamorous outfits at red-carpet events but also have quite a fun side when it comes to adventure. So, let’s take cues from these 5 stars and discover how they rock their trekking outfits with style and comfort in various seasons.

Tights and tank top


Sara Ali Khan in tights and tank top

Tights paired with tank tops can work as trekking outfits, especially in warmer weather for less challenging trails. Tights will allow freedom of movement and ventilation, and tank tops will help you stay cool. But if it is rough terrain or if it is cold outside, then one may choose to wear a puffer jacket like what Sara Ali Khan wore and comfy fleece tights for warmth.

Cargo pants and top

Ananya Panday in crop top and cargo pants

Cargo pants and basic tops can make a comfortable and practical trekking outfit for a short trek. You can opt for cargo pants like Ananya Panday made from breathable material like nylon or polyester. For tops, you can opt for moisture-wicking tops to keep sweat at bay and ensure quick drying. You can layer your crop top with a long-sleeved shirt or jacket for added warmth or sun protection. To complete your look, you can opt for comfortable and supportive hiking shoes or trail runners with accessories like hats and sunglasses and this can turn out your best outfit for trekking.


Biker shorts and T-shirt

Kareena Kapoor in biker shorts and t shirt

Biker shorts paired with t-shirts like those by Kareena Kapoor Khan can be a suitable hiking outfit in warmer weather or on short trails. You can opt for biker shorts made with quick-drying material and pair them with a t-shirt for comfort and ventilation. You can accessorise your look with a smart backpack, sunglasses, and sturdy hiking shoes.

Tank top with flared trousers

Janhvi Kapoor in tank top and flared trousers

A tank top with flared trousers like Janhvi Kapoor's can be a comfortable trekking outfit. Tank top will keep you cool and comfortable and its sleeveless design will allow you to move your arms. Flared trousers will offer a relaxed fit and freedom of movement. You can carry a jacket or long-sleeved T-shirt with you, depending on the weather. Accessorise it with sunglasses and anti-slip hiking shoes.

Biker shorts with bralette

Deepika Padukone in biker shorts and oversized t-shirt

Biker shorts with bralettes  can offer a comfortable and practical trekking outfit for your outdoor adventure. Biker shorts will provide you flexibility, and a bralette will provide maximum comfort in warmer weather. You can combine your bralette with an oversized shirt like Deepika Padukone, as it will allow you to adapt to changing weather conditions. This combination will create a trendy and laid-back look for your trekking adventure.


The comfort and fun you have during your summer hike can be dramatically altered by the right attire. Keep these simple tips in mind when planning your trekking outfits, and you'll be ready to hit the trails with confidence. Have fun in the outdoors while ensuring that you do so in a safe manner by always remaining fresh!

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Can we wear jeans for trekking?
Even though jeans are a go-to in most closets, it may not be that good of an idea to wear them for trekking. They absorb moisture, which becomes heavy making them quite uncomfortable when it rains and thereby resulting into disarray especially when you are on long hikes or in areas with unpredictable weather. Additionally, they do not have as much flexibility and breathability as needed when engaging in vigorous activities like this . Instead, go for performance-gear style pants such as for outdoor activities that are designed from fabrics capable of moving sweat away from your body to avoid sogginess or stickiness during such intense engagements

Which bra to wear for trekking?
For trekking, focusing on comfort and support is fundamental. Typically, a sports bra is the most ideal in offering the two. Although on your trek, seek a sports bra that has moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you dry as well as comfortable. To ensure that it fits well and reduces chafing, also look for a bra having adjustable straps and secure closure. During long periods spent engaging in physical activities, it is also helpful if the bra has seamless or flat-seam construction to prevent irritation. The most important thing is to go for one that meets all.

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