10 Makeup tips to flaunt those dark circles like the real deal

Updated on May 25, 2021 05:44 PM IST  |  244.2K
10 Makeup tips to flaunt those dark circles like the real deal

When we wake up feeling flawless, we promise our Instagram a picture with the caption, "I woke up like this." Have you ever done something like this before? What about days when we see those dark circles settled comfortably on our skin? Dark circles appear for several reasons, including lack of sleep, dehydration, smoking, aging and others. Using makeup to conceal dark circles isn't the best long-term solution.

A few months ago, Tik Tok users introduced a trend that emphasised on using makeup products to enhance their dark circles and puffy bags. They hoped that by doing so, people would be able to accept and embrace their features rather than concealing them with concealer. If you want to wear them loud and comfortable, we have a simple makeup look for you to try. You will not be using any makeup to highlight your under-eye bags or dark circles. A small amount of moisturiser will do the trick for you.



Step 1: Cleanse, tone, and moisturise your skin.

Step 2: Use your fingertips to scoop out the hush and smear it on your eyelids. 

Step 3: Apply lip gloss onto your lids to give a translucent touch to your lids. 

Step 6: Curl both your lashes with waterproof mascara. 

Step 7: Get a spoolie to comb your eyebrows. Eyebrow powder/ pencil can be used to fill gaps. 

Step 8: Dust a blush on your cheeks for a flushed look. 

Step 9: Use a lip liner to define your lips.

Step 10: For your lips, pick a lipstick/lipgloss of your choice. 

Voila, you’re ready! 




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