10 Winter skincare tips from expert to take care of your acne prone skin

During winter our skin becomes dry, itchy and dull and this even gets worse for people with acne problems. So, they should be extra careful in the cold season. They can take help from these expert skincare tips shared by Dr Chytra Anand, Founder of Kosmoderma to tackle acne in winter.
Skincare Tips For Acne 10 Winter skincare tips from expert to take care of your acne prone skin
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Winter means cooler weather but it also means a difference in the skincare regimen. As the humidity and the air change during winter, it makes the skin drier, scaly, itchy. So, we have to be extra careful with our skin.

But acne-prone skin tends to react with more breakouts in the winter season. The skin gets drier; it signals the body to produce more oil for skin balance, which in turn triggers clogging and fresh breakouts. So, Dr Chytra Anand, CEO and Founder of Kosmoderma, shares some skincare tips for acne-prone skin on winter season.

Skincare tips for winter to help people with acne problems:

Limit the use of hot water

Hot water is tempting in winters, but also very drying on the skin. Use lukewarm water, instead. Avoid long soaks in the bathtub. You can add oils to the tub water if you are having a bath. For the face, avoid hot water.

Use Gentle Ph balanced cleansers in winter

In winter, reduce the use of strong cleansers or soaps. Use Ph balanced gentle cleansers. If using salicylic acid cleansers, limit the use to alternate days instead of daily.

Reduce alcohol-based products

Astringents, toners are drying in nature. In winter, reduce the use of any irritating products containing alcohol or fragrance. Otherwise, the skin will chap and acne breakouts will increase on the skin.

Check with your doctor  

If you are undergoing medical treatment for acne and your prescription products are benzoyl peroxide or adapalene or retinol, then speak to your dermatologist about the frequency of usage during the winter season. These products will lead to irritation which leads to breakouts.

Moisturise the right way

Moisturising is a critical component of your skincare, especially during the winter season. The moisturiser acts as a film on your skin surface. It also coats the skin and protects it from getting dry. Active moisturisers with sodium hydro net and mini ceramide will work in refinishing the skin barrier and maintaining its moisture level.  

Reduce the frequency of exfoliation

Most times for acne and oily skin, exfoliation should be done every week or at least every 15 days. But during winter, reduce the exfoliation to once in 3 weeks.

Take Zinc and Antioxidant Supplements

Keep a healthy diet and ensure you get sufficient intake of zinc and antioxidants. Zinc is an anti-inflammatory and protects the skin from breakouts, and the antioxidants prevent free radical damage and reduce scarring.

Drink plenty of fluids

Hydration is the key to healthy skin during winter. Ensure that you have at least one and a half to 2 litres of water per day. And reduce your alcohol consumption.

Use a humidifier

The air gets drier in winter, and this pulls out the moisture from your skin. Keep a humidifier in your room to increase the moisture levels in the atmospheric air.

Get Hyaluronic Acid treatments

Apply a hydronic acid-base serum to maintain the hydration level of the skin.

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