2 Easy home remedies to deal with an itchy scalp this monsoon season

Look at these easy yet effective home remedies that will help reduce the scalp itchiness in a jiffy. Check it out
2 Easy home remedies to deal with an itchy scalp this monsoon season 2 Easy home remedies to deal with an itchy scalp this monsoon season
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As the monsoon arrives it brings along a plethora of problems. First things being the humidity that instantly takes a toll on your skin and hair health. All the oily skin girls, raise your hands if you know the struggle! While acne is a big issue, the increased moisture in the air also ends up in causing an itchy scalp with dandruff that inevitably follows. Now washing your hair regularly is an easy way out but if you’re still scratching your head like an animal, it’s time to go all the way! Here are two home remedies that will instantly give you relief from itchy scalp. 

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

One of the easiest ways to get rid of an itchy scalp is by diluting a cap of ACV in a mug of water and using it as a scalp rinse at the end of your shower. ACV is acidic in nature and helps to kill bacteria and balance out the pH levels of your scalp. It is also a great natural ingredient to add lustre and shine to your locks making it a double whammy! It also exfoliates the scalp and in many cases also reduces dandruff making it a perfect treatment for an itchy scalp. 

Tea Tree Oil

Using tea tree oil with your regular coconut or almond hair oil can create wonders in order to deal with an itchy scalp. It is antifungal and antibacterial making it one of the most effective scalp treatments. It works towards reducing the itchiness while also cleansing the scalp for any other issues. If the itchiness is because of dryness, it also moisturises these patches for an all-round treatment. 

*Make sure to do a patch test before using these remedies. 

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