2 Multani Mitti face packs for a perfect Sunday night pamper session

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2 Multani Mitti face packs for a perfect Sunday night pamper session
2 Multani Mitti face packs for a perfect Sunday night pamper session

Skincare is one of the easiest and the most effective way to pamper yourself in the right way. All it needs is the right ambience and the perfect face pack to soothe both your skin and mind. Multani mitti is also known as fullers earth, is an age-old remedy to refresh and rejuvenate your skin in the most natural way. Here are 2 easy recipes you can use to make the most of the ingredients available at home: 

Refreshing and brightening face pack

1 tablespoon of powdered multani mitti

2 potatoes

1 vitamin E capsule


How to: 

1. Start by grating both the potatoes in a bowl. 

2. Take a thin muslin cloth and use it to extract the potato juice out of the grated matter. 

3. In the juice, add 1 tablespoon of multani mitti to create a smooth paste. 

4. Into the mixture, puncture one vitamin E capsule to extract the oil out of it. 

5. Give it a mix and apply the pack evenly on your face and neck. 

6. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water. 

7. Pat dry following it with toning and moisturising. 

Multani mitti deep cleanses and helps remove all the oil and dirt from the skin. Potatoes, on the other hand, contain natural enzymes that help brighten the skin and get rid of dark spots. It also works well as an anti-ageing ingredient. 

For dry skin during winters

1 tablespoon of Multani mitti

1 tablespoon of malai aka fresh cream

1 tablespoon of cold milk

Pinch of turmeric


How to: 

1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to create a smooth paste. Make sure you use organic turmeric that does not stain the skin. 

2. Apply an even layer on your skin and if it’s a little lumpy due to the cream, do not stress about it. 

3. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes until it dries. 

4. Wash it off with normal water and moisturise after. 

Fresh cream and milk are natural ingredients that are filled with good fats that keep the skin moisturised. 

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