3 BIG skincare benefits of shaving your face instead of waxing or threading

Updated on Jun 26, 2021 05:21 PM IST  |  216.6K
3 BIG skincare benefits of shaving your face instead of waxing or threading

Shaving your face with a flat razor is also called ‘dermaplaning’ and this fancy term may sound complex but it literally means shaving your face. Over the years, women have resorted to threading, waxing and many other hair removal techniques to get rid of facial hair and peach fuzz and this trending way is literally the new way out and it does not even hurt. Shaving your face with a facial razor not only has its hair removal benefits but also works well in upping your skincare routine. Here are the top 3 benefits you should know about before diving into shaving your face. 

Say hello to clear skin

When you have hair on your face, it often houses excess oil and makes it easier for dirt to stick to your face. Also, the dead skin cells tend to stay stuck to your face and shaving not only helps remove the hair but also manages to scrape off that layer of dead skin. This allows cells to regenerate and breathe while also showing off your original glow. 

Better skincare regime

With all the dead skin cells and hair out of the way, it helps in making your skincare products work better. It delivers the nourishment with a more skin-deep approach and ensures that the products don’t linger around on the surface. This means that your skin gets more vitamins and nutrients which is a win!

No pain

Unlike other hair removal remedies, shaving barely has any side effects. When you wax, the skin becomes loose over time and not to forget the amount of pain you go through for each session. Threading also pulls out the hair from it’s root making follicles appear bigger over the course of time. 

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