3 DIY Fenugreek seed packs for long, healthy and beautiful hair

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3 DIY Fenugreek seed packs for long, healthy and beautiful hair
3 DIY Fenugreek seed packs for long, healthy and beautiful hair

Is your scalp itching to an extent that it affects your daily sleep cycle? Dandruff is a regular hair woe that can be treated with time. Placing your bet on ‘Fenugreek seeds’ can help reduce the itch and promote hair growth. It’s a tried and tested ingredient for years in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, here’s another reason as to why you can instill your trust in this mighty scalp saviour. It is loaded with vitamins, iron and proteins, making it a valued source for your skin and hair. 


Used in any form, the saponins present in fenugreek impart anti-fungal properties that combat dandruff. If you’d like to prevent hair fall, using this ancient ingredient often lends support to strengthen hair follicles, soothes inflammation and enhances hair growth. Walk towards the holistic hair care approach and try these DIY packs that serve as an easy and effective route to healthy, nourished and lustre-filled locks. 


For hair growth 




3 tbsp fenugreek / methi powder 

1 tbsp coconut oil 

1 tbsp onion juice 




If you like to make it from scratch, soak fenugreek seeds overnight. 


Place it in the mixer. You can also use already available Fenugreek powder. 


Mix all ingredients and apply them to your scalp. 


Allow your scalp to soak in all the nutrition for about 30 minutes 


Cleanse it off with cold water. 




For dandruff 




3 tbsp Fenugreek powder/paste 

1 tbsp castor oil


1 tbsp apple cider vinegar 




Combine all ingredients and apply the paste to your scalp. 

Give it a soothing massage and let the mixture sit for 30 minutes. 


Rinse it off with cold water. 



Bonus: hair conditioning mask


3 tbsp Fenugreek powder/paste 

1 tbsp almond oil 


1 tbsp vitamin E capsule 






Blend it into a fine paste and spread it evenly on your scalp and hair. 

Wait it out for 30 minutes and give it a good rinse with cold water. 




Have you used fenugreek hair packs before? Let us know in the comments below.



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