3 Effects of blue light on the skin and what you can do to protect it

While blue light is known to cause strain on the eyes, it also has adverse effects on the skin. Here's all you need to know and how to manage it.

Updated on Jan 19, 2022 06:33 PM IST  |  449K
3 Effects of blue light on the skin and what you can do to protect it
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Known to cause premature ageing, fine lines and early wrinkles, blue light is bad for the skin and even has long term effects. Now that more people are working from home and also relaxing at home due to the pandemic, screen time has shot up drastically increasing the exposure of skin significantly to blue light.

According to skincare experts, exposing the skin to a computer or a screen emitting blue light amounts to almost the same effect the skin has for 20 minutes under the sun. Now you know why every dermatologist and expert has been recommending sunscreen even while at home.

Effects of blue light on the skin:
Expose your skin to 20 minutes of continuous, harsh and bright sunlight sans sunscreen and the effects will be visible almost immediately. There is swelling, redness, pigmentation and breakdown of collagen, causing permanent dark spots on the skin's surface.


Increase in free radicals
There is also higher production of free radicals on the skin when it is overexposed to blue light. More free radicals means faster signs of ageing.

Dark circles
The skin below the eyes is extremely thin and delicate which is why signs of ageing begin to show there first. Exposing the skin to too much blue light often tricks the skin into thinking it is still daytime, which impacts the repair process that takes place at night, causing unnecessary strain on the eyes and leading to wrinkles and dark circles.


How to protect your skin from damage caused by blue light?
Night mode
Since the pandemic, more phones have been working towards releasing versions with 'night modes' in them which are exceptionally easy on the skin and eyes.


Light shield
A quick and cheap fix is to use a light shield to cover your screens as this also limits the blue light emitted from these devices.

While this might go without saying, the stress on sunscreen is real. Make sure you pack on sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more to keep your skin protected from the blue light emitted from the screens you're looking at all day.

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