3 most NATURAL anti ageing remedies for your skin to look young and fresh

Natural, wrinkle-free skin is something that's on top of all our lists. While running away from ageing isn't a viable option, there are some natural remedies that can slow down the skin's process of ageing.
3 most NATURAL anti ageing remedies for your skin to look young and fresh
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Spending a fortune on skincare and beauty products to slow down ageing, ensure our skin is hydrated, supple and smooth, is almost an everyday affair for us. From wrinkle-free creams to serums and hydration creams, we have our kitty full of products. 
Little do we realise though, that multiple natural products produce almost the same effect on the skin and are equally, if not more effective. Read on to find out!

Known to be the best form of natural moisturiser, a number of A-lister Bollywood actresses including Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shilpa Shetty use honey on their skin since it is known to slow down the process of wrinkle formation. It also contains loads of antioxidants that help the skin in repairing itself from damage caused by free radicals. 

When mixed with either turmeric or besan, or even when applied raw on the skin, yoghurt boosts the production of essential vitamins and minerals in the skin. It gives it a natural glow, exfoliates the skin, keeps it hydrated and helps in tightening the pores, reducing the formation of acne. 

Rose Water
Nature's natural toner rose water is known to produce a calming effect on the skin. If you are struggling with inflamed skin, acne breakouts or puffiness, a little bit of rose water goes a long way. It visibly reduces blemishes on the skin and puffiness under the eyes while also boosting the blood circulation in capillaries. 

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