3 simple and heatless hacks to say 'curls for days' and goodbye to styling tools

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3 simple and heatless hacks to say 'curls for days' and goodbye to styling tools
3 simple and heatless hacks to say 'curls for days' and goodbye to styling tools

It's 2022 and doesn't tell us your straighteners and curlers are the only things that can make you feel on top of the world. These tools bring heat, don't forget that, although, it can give your hair the look of your dream does more harm than good in the process. Even after the use of heat-protectors, the damage caused is quite irreversible, and here's why you need to stick to hacks that will do your hair pretty. Want to create some lewks that can give your hair a cute treatment? 

Follow these simple steps to get them curls because the home will be your new 'hot spot' to have parties, the virtual ones to be precise. We fished out a few tips you'd absolutely give these a try. 

Hair rollers

Old but definitely tried-and-tested by many. The next time you wash your tresses, grab a few rollers and put these to work up some curls. Divide your hair into mini sections and roll up each with a roller meticulously. Use bobby pins to keep it all intact and leave it for a couple of hours. Unroll them and you'll see curls unlocked. 

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The easiest hack for the laziest girl. A few of them use this technique to avoid knots and tangles that your hair may get prone to. Once you give your hair a rinse, braid it up and go to sleep. Going for damp hair will give you defined curls rather than braids straight-up done on dry hair. 

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Sock curls 

As bizarre as it can sound, consider this your golden ticket to all things fab. Looks like dampened hair is essentially the secret for gorgeous locks. Brush your hair to get rid of knots and make sections as per your choice. Two or four just enough to wrap them each with socks. Braid it a little away from the roots or where you'd want to see the curls. Once done with braids, use mini hairbands to secure each one up. Once your tresses are dried, leave them free and tell us how you like them. Fun fact: This can be done with robes, scarves, or any cloth at your convenience. 


Have you tried similar hacks for the love of your hair? Share it in the comments below. 

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