3 spots you’re FORGETTING when getting ready

Trust me, you will thank me later!
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Maybe you’re a person who gets out everyday after a 10-step morning skincare ritual and with a creaseless outfit. Or maybe getting ready for you means throwing your hair into a top bun, splashing water on your face, and swiping on some lip-colour (yes, that’s me right there). Perhaps, you’re a bit of both.


Whatever your routine maybe, there are these three IMPORTANT spots that are often overlooked at but require more attention. Namely, your eyes, décolletage and nails.

If you consider these as the finishing touches of a masterpiece, that is you, with a little more attention and minimal effort, these areas can totally pull a look together.



Getting the comment “You look tired” is the worst and often makes your eyes roll every time you hear it. Amidst the busy schedule, sleep-deprivation often gifts us with red eyes and under-eye circles. Apply white or beige liner along the waterline or pop on an eye mask for couple of minutes before heading to bed. On days when the under eye bags are just unmanageable, use a cold spoon, on the area under your eyes. While this may seem like a silly trick, it really works big time. The coldness of the spoon helps to constrict your blood vessels and reduce swelling around the eyes. Tada!

Shoulders and Décolletage

Have you noticed that the stars on the red carpet, always manage to look radiant from head to toe? This is because they don't restrict highlighting just to the face and neither should you. After applying a glow-inducing cream or powder on the top of your cheekbones and at the tip of your nose, add a bit of dusting to the tops of your shoulders and collarbone. If you want, you can always mix a few drop of foundation with your body moisturiser and apply it onto your neck shoulders. This will help to ensure that your face isn’t a totally different colour than your body and give a flawless glow.


A fresh manicure instantly puts you in a good mood and makes you feel all-put together. Do you lack the time to hit the salon? Don't you worry, getting that super polished and beautiful look only requires a little bit of grooming which you can handle by yourself. When you’re running short of time, hydrate your bare nails with a hand cream or cuticle oil and hit with a four-sided buffer to achieve a smooth, even surface. This will automatically give you that French manicure type look. Now, if you've got a minute or two more to spare, give a nice clear top coat or a nail primer for an extra dose of glossy shine.

Was this a late realisation for you? If yes, will you be trying this out next time you get ready? Comment below and let us know.


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