3 Surprising beverages that do WONDERS and ensure clear skin

Unlike sugary drinks that are known to wreak havoc to the skin, there are a few other beverages and drinks that ensure your skin remains clear, smooth and supple. Read on to find out.
3 Surprising beverages that do WONDERS and ensure clear skin
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Soda-based beverages and juices, as amazing and addictive as they are, are not the best things to consume for your skin. They contain too much sugar and can cause breakouts, acne and more. Besides, we don't need any more things that cause our skin to break out - the environment and our hormones are more than enough!
Fret not, for there are certain drinks that we love to consume, keep us hydrated and work wonders on the skin, making it plump and giving it a healthy texture. Here are three. 

While we have been told that consuming excess caffeine is bad for the system, one cup a day is just the right among not just to wake you up but also kill off UV radiation! Apart from that, limited amounts of coffee is also known to kill off cells that can cause cancer! 

Red Wine 
Yes, red wine is known to be excellent for the heart when consumed appropriately. It contains antioxidants that help in fighting off free radicals, reducing dark circles and inflammation, improving the skin's overall health! 

Tomato juice 
No, we aren't talking about ketchup! Basic unfiltered and unsweetened tomato juice can make for an all-natural sun barrier! Tomatoes contain an antioxidant called Lycopene which helps in improving the complexion and ensures the ageing process is slowed down. Essentially, it just acts as an internal sunscreen!

There you have it! Consuming these three liquids regularly can ensure that your skin is in the pink of its health, stay clean from within and also stay protected. 

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