3 Times Parineeti Chopra rocked a smoky eye and how you can achieve it

Updated on Oct 08, 2021 02:30 AM IST  |  70.9K
3 Times Parineeti Chopra rocked a smoky eye and how you can achieve it
3 Times Parineeti Chopra rocked a smoky eye and how you can achieve it

We love doing makeup, and especially the bold eye looks. But we often end up wondering what look to create. Some of them are such hazards to do, and we end up failing. We love to copy the looks of B-Town celebs. So here we are with some makeup looks that are easy to create and will make you look rocking.


As you might have seen Parineeti Chopra loves smokey eyes, and she has tried some amazing looks. If you are also a fan of smoky eyes, then check out these stunning eye makeup.


Black Smoky Eyes

Parineeti looks breathtaking in her black smoky eyes. The classic black smoky eyes look the best but can be hard for some. You can easily achieve it with these easy steps.

- Apply light base colour on your lid. It can be nude or brown.

- Blend it well on the eyelid and the crease.

- Now apply the black eyeshadow from the end blending it in towards the lid.

- Also, smudge it on the lower lash line. 

- Blend the black eyeshadow well to achieve the desired look.

Black smoky eyes


Glitter Smoky Eyes

Parineeti looked pretty in glitter grey eyes. This is the perfect look for a party or whenever you want to feel glam. Here are the steps to do it easily.

- Apply a lighter-toned base coat on the lid. It can be from the beige hued colours.

- Blend it well on the eyelid as well as the crease.

- Apply a little bit of darker eyeshadow and blend it well to the end as well as the lid.

- Apply glitter eyeshadow on the lid, and voila you are done.

Shimmer smoky eyes


Blue Smoky Eyes

Parineeti looked like a frozen princess in her blue eyeshadow. This is quite a bold eye look and perfect when you want to steal the show. Here are the easy steps to do it.

- Apply a neutral-toned shade on the lid and crease. Blend it well.

- Now start with blue eyeshadow from the end corner towards the lid. 

- Also, apply it to the lower lash line.

- Blend it well till the desired look is achieved.

Blue smoky eyes


These were a few looks you can try from Parineeti's makeup and shine out. 

Do tell us in the comments down below if you try any of them.


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