5 Beauty and makeup products every girl should have in her beauty cabinet

Here is a list of 5 makeup and beauty products every girl should have in her beauty cabinet.
5 Beauty and makeup products every girl should have in her beauty cabinet
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Believe it or not, beauty and skincare have become a major part in almost every person's life. Be it looking after your skin to avoid seasonal skin issues or trying to find out a way to deal with existing issues, you know how big of part skincare plays. Now, we all take care of our skin and hair because we wish to look and feel good. But just using face packs and expensive products isn't enough. You need to have a set routine and only a handful of products to do the job. 

While we are aware that some of our readers are extremely enthusiastic about skincare but there are some who new to this ball game and we're here to help them out. From serums to creams to anti-ageing products and much more, a plethora of options available in the market. It's important that you have the right idea of what you need for your skin and you'll easily narrow down your options. So to make your life easier, here is a list of five products that every girl should have in her beauty cabinet. 


Over the course of time, we’ve made this fact very clear that sunscreen is a very important product. You cannot even skip it if your agenda for the day is to sit at home and chill in bed. Even when sunlight is not hitting you directly, the harmful UV rays can still damage your skin. Consider sunscreen as your early investment for young skin instead of buying expensive anti-ageing products. 


No matter what your skin type - dry or oily, it is important to use a moisturiser every day. It not only helps in keeping the skin hydrated but also forms a protective layer between the skin and the other harmful environmental factors like pollution and dirt. However, while picking out a moisturiser make sure to keep in mind how it will work for your particular skin type. 

Lip and cheek tint

Sometimes your skin needs much more than just moisturisation. There are always days in every girl’s life when their skin feels dull and a little flush of colour wouldn’t hurt anybody. Lip and cheek tints are an easy addition to your beauty cabinet and it is their versatility that made tints bag a position on this list. 

Sheet Masks

While you are protecting your skin from the sun and environment, it is essential to give it all the nutrients it needs. Sheet masks are an easy product that does not need a lot of investment and work great on any and every skin type. There are a plethora of options in the market to choose from and if you pick the right one, you can definitely transform your skin in no time. 

Vitamin C serum

When you talk about giving your skin the nutrients it needs, a vitamin C serum is a must-have. When it comes to oily and acne-prone skin, it helps in dealing with the inflammation. It is also responsible to treat uneven skin tone and in turn, brightens your skin. 

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