5 Beauty trends you to need to STOP indulging in 2018

5 Beauty trend that will rest in peace in 2017 and be makeup faux pa's in 2018
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While we are still digesting the fact that 2017 is coming to an end, we are glad that we are looking ahead and some god-awful beauty trends that are going to rest in peace in 2017. From bizarre viral beauty trends like unicorn highlighters to wiggly eyebrows, here is a low down of some MAJOR beauty trends that will die in 2018: 

1. Highlighters

Stark shiny highlighters had a good run! While every beauty blogger on Instagram glowed like a goddess, it now time to let your inner glow shine through. “I’d really like to see highlighter go away or at least be brought down a few notches,” says Robert Sesnek, who has worked on the famous faces of Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Adriana Lima, and Lily Aldridge. “Glow is beautiful on all skins, but lately I’ve seen it almost look as though the skin is underwater or as metallic as the Tin Man.”


2. Stark contouring 

Everyone from Huda Beauty to Kim Kardashian raved about contouring your face. Contouring came to a point in 2017, where no one blended their contour anymore and had stark brown and grey lines all over their face. Thankfully, the trend is now dying. “I can not take any more harsh contouring,” says Desirae Cherman, who works with Lili Reinhart, Natalia Dyer, and Camila Mendes. “Instagram isn't real life and the overly contoured stripped look has got to go. No one needs to own a makeup palette with three contour colours and three different highlights.” Hence, leaving contouring for just special occasion and drop this extra step from your everyday makeup regime. 


3. A huge pout 

While a luscious smooth pout is always going to be a beauty ideal, the trend of overlined lips that was started by Kylie Jenner is now on its deathbed. In 2018, Rock the lips you were born with. 


4. A full glam face 

Now here is a trend that I am not too happy about dying! My OCD self is never satisfied until I have done the whole primer, highlighter, foundation, contour brush and setting spray regime. However, in 2018 it is all about looking natural. Skin is in for 2018. “I love when skin looks like skin and not artificial or a mask,” says Sesnek. The message is that make-up artists want to see more natural faces in the new year.


5. Experimental eyebrows 

Bold eyebrows became a trend back in 2016 itself. However, the creative geniuses in the beauty world went completely crazy when it came to experimenting with eyebrows. From swiggy eyebrows to glitter brows and eyebrows filled to the extent that they look like they have been drawn on with a sketch mark, all of it is now coming to an end.


What trend are you guys hoping will stay in 2017? Comment below and let us know. 

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Makeup is your own personality. Do what makes u happy. I’m a highlighter hoarder so not changing that

glow is LIFE!!!!

oh god its like no makeup at all

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