5 best makeup and beauty secrets every girl should know

Beauty tips and tricks are the best way to enhance your features and look effortless. Check out all these tips.
5 best makeup and beauty secrets every girl should know5 best makeup and beauty secrets every girl should know
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Beauty tips and tricks are some of the most sneaky and secret ways to enhance your features without adding too much effort to it. We all know of some tricks that have travelled to your ears from a lot of different people and we somehow just inculcate it in our routines. From makeup to skincare, there are some things we discover on our own while others are tried and tested. Now, here we are with some more tricks to help you make your life easier.


If you are just like us and do not know how to use a liquid liner with precision, here’s a trick for you. Start by applying your favourite pencil liner, so you are comfortable and do not end up with smudge marks. Now, layer the pencil liner with your favourite liquid one, so you already have a straight line underneath to serve as a guide. This trick also ensures that your liner stays on for a long while without actually smudging off. 


No, it is not colourful eyeliners. 

If you are always wondering how the celebrities have such gorgeous eyes, it is because they use a combination of different kohls on their water lines. Well, it is not as difficult as you think. Start by applying black kohl on your upper waterline. Now if you use the same colour on the lower one as well, your eyes will end up looking small. Use a brown or white eyeliner on the lower lash line to make the eyes pop. This is one of the best makeup tricks that artist around the world swear by. 


Let’s be real, we cannot be wearing foundation all day long. But, what if we say that you can get a fresh tint without actually layering products on the skin? Well, here’s the trick - just take your favourite moisturiser and add a pump of your foundation to it and here you have your ‘custom made’ tinted moisturiser. This will hydrate your skin while also giving it an even tone. It’ll be your secret trick to look flawless. So, shhh…


If you are someone with scanty brows and tired of the way all the brow products make it look fake, here’s the trick for you. Start by using a brow powder that is lighter than your original brow colour. This will set a great base for you and make it look natural. Later, cover it up with your actual brow colour. Make sure you make the dark coloured strokes look natural without actually overdoing it. 


If you are someone prone to getting dry or oily skin, the right way to deal with it is strategic cleansing. Now, you may ask, what that is? Strategic cleansing is switching from a heavy-duty cleanser in the evening and a lighter milk-based cleanser in the morning. This trick applies when you have been out and about travelling to work during the day and need a heavy cleanser to clean the pores. However, you do not need the same one in the morning as all you’ve done is sleep.

What are the secret tips that you use? Let us know in the comments section below.

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