5 celebrity approved hairstyles to elevate your hair game this wedding season

While you are finalizing your clothes and make-up, give your beauty look a glamorous touch with chic hairdos.
5 celebrity approved hairstyles to elevate your hair game this wedding season
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With the start of the bridal season, it is important to keep a few tips and tricks handy for a perfect hairdo and to complete your attire which will make you look picture perfect. While you are finalizing your clothes and make-up, give your beauty look a glamorous touch with chic hairdos. While we're scouring the internet for the perfect outfit inspiration, let's not forget that even hairstyles play a major role. From waves to buns, go all out and put your best foot forward.
Holiday parties, weddings, family festivities and dinners—there’s a lot going on this time of year, and choosing the right hairstyle for the functions can be a big task, especially with the other things on your mind. However, the exciting part is that there is no reason not to have fun with your hair during this bridal season. With a full social calendar, these hairstyles are worth the effort. From the elegant but simple to a complete edgy glam look.
Things are different this year but the excitement remains the same. It’s time to experiment with your looks and take it up a notch. Here are a few hairstyles that you can’t possibly go wrong with. It doesn’t matter if you are going the traditional way with a saree or a lehenga or the Indo-western way with a palazzo and a jacket or a solid chic way with sequin dresses. There is something for everyone! 

Braided Hair Weave

If you want to wear your hair down but give it a little edge, then go for a braided hair weave to ace your look. They look good with every face shape and add an instant dose of jazz and glamour to your overall look. This hairdo makes your look all about the intricate details and enhances the glow on your face. Snag this chic braided chignon. Whether paired with a sari, salwar kameez or strapless evening wear, this type of plait plays well with all kinds of looks.

Twisted Bun

Want to go for something more laidback instead? Try this one out! No hairstyle complements ethnic wear like a twisted bun-style. However, ditch the regular bun for an updated version. Opt for a subtle look with this twisted style and glam up. Add some volume to your tresses before going in with the hairstyle so that you have a bumped-up bun. Don’t worry to keep it clean. The more texturized it is, the better!

Reverse Braided Top Bun

There isn’t anything more stylish than hair tied in a top knot. The blended twist of this classic and contemporary style looks stunning with everything you wear. It makes you look instantly groomed and is a signature diva hairstyle. Part your hair into two halves and braid the lower half starting from the bottom up and secure it with the top half which is done into a bun.

Rolled Up 

This sleek, rolled-up bun is a perfect pick with outfits for any wedding or special occasion, and can suit any traditional attire. It is unique, cute and perky, all at once. Pull back your hair into a high ponytail and twist the ponytail into a bun, and securing it with some bobby pins. Of course, since the hairstyle is simple, add a little extra drama with hair accessories. Delicate accessory like this will elevate any type of bun.

These hairdos don't require a lot of equipment or products. If you’re someone who wants to keep your hair game simple yet elegant you are in for a treat. Take inspiration from the hairdos curated by us and take your glam quotient to a whole new level.

Happy Styling!

About the author: Menaka Bhandary is the founder of Blown Salon

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