5 EASY ways and home remedies to take care of your dry scalp this winter & keep dandruff at bay

Dry scalp can easily turn into irritated skin and dandruff. Here are some easy ways to keep it moisturised and dandruff at bay.
5 EASY ways and home remedies to take care of your dry scalp this winter & keep dandruff at bay
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We all go through days when our hair feels particularly dry and lifeless. During these winter months, we do end up taking care of our mane a lot more as compared to our scalp. Our scalp is the first place for your hair to receive nourishment and to be honest, we've neglected taking care of our scalps way too much. So, here are easy tips and tricks to helps keep your scalp healthy.

1, The humidity has gone away and it's the dry and cold winter wind that has taken over. This drastic change can affect your scalp health. In some cases, it ends up making the top layer of your scalp dry making it result in dry flakey skin. This is often confused for dandruff which further leads to more complications. One of the easiest ways to take this is by making sure that your scalp is well moisturised. Try hot oil massages at least once in a week and make sure to use mild shampoos that do not strip away the natural oils from your skin. 

2. During the winters, there's a chance that you may end up with an irritated scalp due to the excessive dryness. One of the easiest ways to deal with it is by using aloe Vera. Aloe is one of the best ingredients to soothe irritated and dry skin. You can blend it with coconut oil for maximum benefits. 

3. Dry and flakey scalp lack moisture. So it is advised to avoid the use of gels, waxes, sprays and any other topical products that could dry it up further. Stick to the basics and make sure to moisturise it with oil and hairmask every now and then. 

4. Talking about hair masks, an effective one would be to use yoghurt, coconut oil and olive oil in equal parts. This will moisturise the scalp and help deal with the dryness and flakiness. 

5. Lastly, it is time to avoid the pesky dandruff and keep your lustrous hair healthy. All you need to do is take 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and dilute it with a big cup of water. Pour it over your scalp and hair after the shower. ACV not only works as a mild conditioner, it also balances the pH levels of the skin. The acidic content also kills bacteria and infections in turn keeping dandruff at bay! 

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