5 eyeliner mistakes you need to STOP making; Find out more

No matter how minimal makeup we use a kajal or eyeliner is one of the most important steps in makeup. Apparently, you have been using it wrong all this while. Here are the 5 eyeliner mistakes you need to STOP making; Find out more

Updated on Jul 31, 2019 11:00 AM IST  |  2.5M
5 eyeliner mistakes you need to STOP making; Find out more
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If you have accidentally poked your eye while applying the eyeliner then you are just us. Liquid eyeliner or kajal has been one of the biggest makeup steps in our makeup routine. No matter how much makeup we own, a kajal is a staple in most of our makeup bags. While we have been using the black pigment on and around our eyes for years now, we have created a pattern more like a makeup routine. But, what e do not realise is that there are a few things that we’re still doing wrong after years of practice. Check it out.

1: Tugging on the eye while using liquid eyeliner:

We usually make sure to apply the liquid eyeliner in a straight and precise curve. However, while doing so we tend to tug on the corners of our eyes for a straight and precise line. While doing so for a longer period of time, it can end up loosening the skin making the area prone to wrinkles. More so, when you leave the skin, your eye bounces back and so does the liquid liner. This can create bumpiness, texture, and that dreaded check-mark shape hanging off the eye. We bet you must have not realized this ever, did you?


2: You only line the lower lashline:

A lot of people have the habit of only lining their lower lashes. What this does that it disbalances the face making our eyes feel droopy and weighed down. Apply the eyeliner on the top lash for a more youthful effect. Use a lighter coat of liner on the bottom than the top one. This will still give you definition but feels softer and more flattering.

3: Using the wrong formula:

If you are someone who takes a lot of time to apply eyeliner then this tip is just for you. Liquid eyeliner dries very fast and it does not give you time to rectify or shape the eyeliner the way you want. A waterproof or long-wear pencil will give you a little playtime for blending, and then stay put without smudging or smearing throughout the day.


4: Not understanding your eye shape:

While applying eyeliner, people do not usually consider the shape of their eye. If you apply a thick eyeliner, it will end up making the eye look smaller. The same goes for the waterline as well. Understand the shape of your eye while applying the eyeliner. If it is very difficult, just enhance the natural shape of your eye with a think stroke around the lash line. 


5: Applying eyeliner every day:

If you are someone who is applying black pigments around the eye every day, you are literally doing it wrong. Applying eyeliner every day can end up making the skin around your eyes damaged further making it prone to wrinkles and dark circles. We know that some of you think that you do not feel like yourself without eyeliner, but letting go of it once in a while is a wise choice to do. 


What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments section below.


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