5 Genius makeup and beauty hacks that work and it’s time you give it a try

Every one of us have a different hack that we unintentionally use. Here are a few more of them that always work
5 Genius makeup and beauty hacks that work and it’s time you give it a try5 Genius makeup and beauty hacks that work and it’s time you give it a try
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Considering how busy we usually are, there are always certain tips and tricks we resort to save time. While certain hacks are pure crap and only seem to help a specific individual, others are genius ones that work for almost any and everyone. Hacks help you in everything from touching up your makeup at the office or curling you lashes to even making nail paint last longer. Also, it saves time and sometimes money. So, we’re always all-ears to any and everything that says ‘hacks’!

Hack for ‘natural blushed glow’

Have you always wondered how supermodels glow so naturally?




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Well, we all love the rosy pink cheeks that add a flush of colour to your face. However, when just applied to the apple of your cheeks, it can make you look unnatural. A personal favourite hack to use here is to take the leftover blush and apply it to the bridge of your nose and then clean the brush off by using it on the rest of the face. Now, you d not have to paint your face pink. Just take the leftover on the brush and apply it on the face. This will give an even rosy glow to your face without looking fake. 

REMEMBER: Do not overdo it. It has to look natural.

Perfect no-makeup eye look

If you are a fan of the no-makeup makeup look, the one thing that is the most tricky to do is the eyes. While you cannot use a lot of colour on your eyes, there are limitations when you really want those eyes to pop. So, the one thing to use here is to make the eyes pop with either the shade of your bronzer or your contour stick. They are anyways a few shades darker than your original skin colour and work best when you need a little definition on your eyes. 

Frame your face

When you are not in the mood for makeup but still want to look presentable, the right thing to do is to focus on the brows. When your brows are perfectly done, they frame the face like nothing else. Doing your brows in the morning can get you through the day without even needing a touch-up. 

Avoid acne 

Now, this is an underrated hack that not a lot of people know about. Acne is caused when the pores get clogged up with oil, dirt and sweat. You are most likely to get acne post a workout because that’s when you sweat the most and clog the pores. So, the one thing to do here is to get rid of all the makeup and/dirt before the workout. This will prevent the sweat to mix with any kind of dirt and makeup and inturn prevent acne.

Invest in multi-purpose products

Always have products that do more than one job. Katrina Kaif swears by this hack and it’s time you do too. Just like the above-mentioned hack, invest in a cream contour or creamy eyeshadows that do more than one job. Some colourful lip pencils can also be used as an eyeliner. Pick the right shades and know your requirement. This will save money while also saving a lot of time that it literally takes when you have to pack millions of products in your makeup/office bag.

What are the hacks that you swear by? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll give it a try. 

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