5 Hair care products you need to get rid of lice

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5 Hair care products you need to get rid of lice
5 Hair care products you need to get rid of lice

If you find yourself scratching your head every now and then, your head is the breeding ground for lice. While you can find it in the head of almost every school going kid, getting rid of it is a task as the parasitic jumps from one head to another infesting everyone in contact. You can treat lice at home. They include shampoos, lotions, and cream rinses. Here are 5 hair care products that you should consider to get rid of these evil blood-sucking lice from your hair once and for all.


Lice Comb

With tight and small bristles, this comb will help you to comb the scorpions and other insects. It also has anti-slip bands that allow better gripping and control.  Comb your hair daily and kill those lice.

lice comb

Price: Rs 399

Deal: Rs 299

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Anti Lice Cream Wash

High numbers of lice on hair can also cause other infections on your scalp. This hair cream removes lice and eggs and prevents their growth and nourishes your hair with its moisturising effect.


Price: Rs 110

Deal: Rs 95

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Head Lice Shampoo

This anti-slice shampoo with its double action formula suffocates and dehydrates head lice and eggs in one application. After washing your hair with it, dry your hair and comb it to remove the dead lice bodies.


Price: Rs 75

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Lice Oil

Apply this oil twice in 2 weeks and watch all the lice die in no time. It also solves itchy scalp and tiny scalp bumps that appear due to lice.

lace oil

Price: Rs 297

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Mediker Shampoo

This product assures complete freedom from lice and eggs. It contains extracts of neem, camphor and sitaphal that help in nourishing hair and gets rid of the lice and it also smells so good.


Price: Rs 50

Deal: Rs 34

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2 weeks ago
Melt camphor in heavy smelling sesame or mustard or coconut oil apply overnight .you can actually see dead in the morning .bl