THIS 5 ingredient bubble clay mask is easy to DIY and perfect to detox your pores

This carbonated mask is known to bubble up and leave your skin feeling cool and refreshed like no other. Here's how to whip up this K-beauty product at home!
THIS 5 ingredient bubble clay mask is easy to DIY and perfect to detox your pores
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Getting to the spa anytime soon is a distant reality with new lockdown rules issued. But nobody said there can't be a pampering session at home! A DIY home spa day is a simple way to indulge your body after a hectic week and pampering it. And what better way to pamper your face, get rid of all the gunk than a face mask?

Bubble face masks were all the rage a while ago with the K-beauty field going gaga over it. While this may seem expensive and hard to locate, nobody said you can't make it at home!

Here are the basic ingredients you will need:
Bentonite clay (5-6 spoons)
Baking soda (3 spoons)
Citric acid (1 spoon)
Hydrosol of your choice - Lavender, rose, saffron, etc. (2 spoons)
Clean plastic jars

In a clean jar, combine the bentonite clay, baking soda and citric acid. Stir this well or shake it to ensure it is mixed well.
When you want to apply the face mask, take 2 spoons from this mixture and add 2 spoons of Hydrosol to it. Bubbles will start forming almost immediately so combine them quickly and apply it to your face.
Allow this to remain in your face till the clay has hardened and then rinse off with warm water.
Store the remaining unused mixture for next time in a cool and dry place!

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