5 Makeup CHEAT CODES that make you look younger than you are

Anti-ageing products are one of the biggest trends in the beauty industry currently since everybody wants to take years off their face. But there are a few makeup tips that also create an illusion of younger skin. Check them out!
5 Makeup CHEAT CODES that make you look younger than you are5 Makeup CHEAT CODES that make you look younger than you are
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When done properly, makeup can really elevate one's look. But when not applied with precision and overdone, it can take years off the skin and make one look much older than they are. 
Today, the goal for every woman is to have flawless glassy skin with a radiant and youthful glow. In all honesty, making the skin look younger with makeup is surprisingly simple! Just follow a few tricks and cheat codes that enable one to look more radiant and put your most youthful face forward. 

Use more liquid formulas 
According to makeup experts, the best way to keep the face young is by using creams and liquids and keep away from heavy matte foundations. Liquid formulas are more hydrating and tend to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on the face. 
Liquid highlighters also help in creating a softer glow and are a more fun and easy alternative as compared to pressed powdered highlighters. 

Conceal well
Concealing wisely is the best thing you can do to look more youthful. It is best to avoid applying concealer directly under the eyes as it actually makes the under-eye bags stand out more. Instead, dab some on the back of your hand and apply that to the area. This tends to warm it up a little and avoid discolouration. 

Elevate your brow game 
Well-defined brows are the secret to looking good today. While filling in brows has been doing the trick for so long, according to make artistes, creating hair-like strokes makes for a natural and soft look. You can do this with an extremely precise pencil or brow liner. 

Define your lips 
Don't forget to use lip-liner to define your lips before filling them to create a full effect. This way, your lipstick won't bleed out and the fine lines on lips will not be visible either. It will also add to the texture of the lipstick and keep it in place. 

Don't skip your skincare regimen 
Skincare is the secret to beautiful and youthful skin. Pick out a regimen that works for you and practice it religiously. Don't skip out on hydrating your face and neck, and always have your lip balm in handy. Smooth skin creates the perfect base for makeup and looks young and fresh even without it. 

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