5 mindful beauty rituals to calm the nerves while you practice social distancing

We have rituals that we follow on a daily basis even though we don't think about them too much. In these stressful times, here's how you can calm yourself down by making a conscious effort.
5 mindful beauty rituals to calm the nerves while you practice social distancing
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We might not think much about them, but we all have rituals we follow every day, like clockwork. Be it sipping on coffee while reading the newspaper, watering your houseplants as soon as you wake up, sipping on green tea, splashing some perfume before heading out, and more. They are small things that we don't delve too much into, but they are acts that complete our routine. 

Stressful times are now upon us with there being multiple scares, everybody being anxious, that often make people sicker than they are. With Coronavirus ensuring more time being spent at home by yourself, it’s overall a stressful environment. So here are some beauty rituals you could follow to keep calm and carry on. 



Scrub your body with a pumice stone or a heavy sugar scrub. This not just stimulates lymphatic flow and blood circulation but also reduces bloating and cellulite. It is best to use long, singular strokes in one direction, ideally upwards, against gravity and towards your heart. This will get rid of the dead skin and also get the blood circulation going. It not only feels incredibly therapeutic but also reduces stress levels.


Try makeup tutorials 

Watch and learn from makeup tutorials on youtube. It may sound silly, but perfecting the smokey eye, no-makeup look or cut crease eyeshadow, gives satisfaction like nothing else. It will also enable you to take new pictures and amp up your Insta game! 



Nothing like a good massage to ease out the stress and anxiety. Every day or every two days pick an area to massage. On day one, massage your hands using essential oils, on the second, do your upper body, on the third, your legs, your head, your face and neck and so on. You will not just look and feel healthier but also glow like never before!


Clean your makeup products

There is no time like now to get rid of those old palettes, expired mascara, half-used and left open nail paints jars, etc. Clean up those makeup brushes using hot water, soap, leave them to dry and sort out your entire cabinet for it to not just look good, but also be cleaner and safer for you to use. As Marie Kondo would tell you, cleaning your surroundings is cleansing your soul.



It has been advised to wash hands frequently for a duration of 20 seconds to avoid germs. While that does ensure you keep your skin clean, it also makes it dry, especially with summer sneaking in. Skin will begin to dry out, causing it to flake and peel off, making it incredibly rough and eventually creating more space for germs to infest. After every hand wash, remember to moisturise your hands for smooth, supple and soft hands. 


Imbibe these simple practices into your everyday routine to not just boost your beauty, but also aim at a cleaner, stress-free life. 

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