5 Mistakes to avoid with wet hair that can be damaging

Updated on Oct 07, 2021 01:55 AM IST  |  70.4K
5 Mistakes to avoid with wet hair that can be damaging
5 Mistakes to avoid with wet hair that can be damaging

Do you comb your hair when it's wet? There are many other things that we do to wet hair which can be damaging for our hair. We never think how much these small things can be damaging to our hair. You would have never thought that such small things can affect our hair so much. 


There are a few things that we need to start avoiding as early as possible. Our hair is very fragile and needs extra care. All your hair care routine will go to waste if you make these small mistakes. Let's take a look at these things that we need to take care of.


Brushing wet hair 

It is the most common thing that everyone does. We tend to brush our hair while we are still in the shower or when it is totally wet. Our hair is most vulnerable and prone to breakage when it is wet. You should avoid combing your hair until it is completely dry. 

If you wish to detangle your hair, then use a wide-tooth comb which will help avoid breakage. 


Tying wet hair

We often tie our hair when we come out of the shower. Sometimes when we are doing some work or in a hurry, we tie wet hair. As you know, wet hair is really weak. Tying wet hair breaks it and damages it. You should avoid this totally.


Rubbing wet hair

It is common that we use towels and rub it on our hair to make it dry. This technique is wrong in so many ways as it breaks your hair, makes them frizzy, and even makes them drier. You should always pat dry your hair with a microfibre cloth.



Avoid heat tools on wet hair

We love to use hair styling tools but never use them on wet hair. The heat damages your hair. If you apply heat to wet hair, it can even burn them. Styling tools are already not good for hair and applying them to wet hair can be even more dangerous.


Sleeping with wet hair

We often wash our hair at night and sleep with wet hair. It also breaks your hair and damages them. When your head rubs against the pillow, it creates friction. It breaks your hair from roots as well as from between. It also increases frizz in the hair.


These are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you make these mistakes and damage your hair.

Do let us know in the comments down below if you know some other mistakes to avoid.

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