5 must have monsoon beauty essentials

If you are someone who makes their daily commute to the office and college in spite of the rains, these are some must have beauty essentials you should definitely carry
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The first rainfall of monsoon does make everyone happy but what follows with the season might give you a headache. Constant humidity, changing temperatures and oily skin do not allow you to make the most of the season. Especially, if you have to travel to work or college daily and the humidity and rain just do not seem to cooperate. While there is literally nothing that you can do for the humidity, you definitely can save your skin and hair from getting affected. Not just that, monsoon humidity can also result in increased sweat that in turn can cause acne and rashes.


Here are some beauty essentials that you should always have.



With humidity comes sweat that results in oily skin. Make sure to always carry a mild cleanser that will help you get rid of all the dirt that sticks to the oily layer of your skin. It is important to use a mild cleanser so even if you wash your face thrice a day, it will not make it dry and flakey. While it is important to get rid of the excess oil, you have to make sure you are not stripping the oil off of its natural hydration.


Body Mist

In the monsoons, the climate is changing constantly. At one point the sun is out and at the other it gets gloomy. This also affects the skin on your body as it has to constantly adjust with the ever changing temperature. Make sure to always carry a body mist and spritz as an when needed. This will give the skin much needed hydration and will not end up getting dry. If you are a spritzer just like us and cannot function without a mist, make sure to use a natural, alcohol free mist that will not affect the skin in any way.



In spite of it being gloomy and no matter how sweaty you get, applying sunscreen should be your utmost priority everyday. Sun rays can be harmful for even people who sit indoors. It can affect the skin causing wrinkles and dark patches. Soif you are someone who travels everyday, sun screen is something that will protect your skin in every way. If you have oily skin or develop one during the season, it is important to invest in a good oil-free sunscreen.


Anti-frizz Shampoo

Excess humidity and changing temperatures can damage your hair more than you can imagine. It can take a toll on the tresses, making your crowning glory look dull, dry and frizzy. The key here is to tame your mane with a frizz-control shampoo that will ensure that the humidity does not damage your hair.


Hydrating face/hair mask

For skin that goes through a lot every day, it is important to calm it down. Constant cleansing and changing temperatures strip your skin of its natural oils. Using a hydrating face and hair mask can help you restore its quality after a full day of damage. If you are someone who works through the week, make sure to pamper yourself over the weekend! So it is time for you to invest in a good face and hair mask to replenish the lost moisture.


What is it that you do to take care of skin and hair during the monsoons? Let us know in the comments section below.


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