5 oldest beauty myths BUSTED: These myths make you look worse

These beauty myths have been followed for years now and they are a complete waste of your time.
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Some beauty rules and tricks have been followed blindly for years now.  We’ve all been given tips by our mothers and grandmothers for a long while now. And if you have been around Indian mothers, most of these tips are for the skin and hair. While we have been following them blindly for years, some of these tips have turned into beauty myths. And we are her to BUST them.


Wearing Makeup regularly is harmful

Even if you wear makeup every day, it will not harm your skin. What affects the skin is not removing it properly before going to bed.

Water solve all skin problems

While drinking a lot of water can clean your body from harmful toxins, it cannot solve all your problems. Some skin problems cannot be solved by drinking water.

Scrubbing will reduce blackheads and acne

Scrubbing and exfoliating the face in order to reduce acne doesn’t work. Scrubbing and exfoliating will only scrub off the dry skin and not the dirt that is clogged under your pores.

If you cut your hair frequently, it will grow faster

Hair grows at the same speed, whether you cut it frequently or not at all. The ends of your hair have absolutely no connection with your scalp.

Nail Polish harm nails

‘Let your nails breathe’ is a statement we’ve all heard at least once in our life. If the nails were breathing, the moisture would not take on the nail polish at all. They are an accumulation of dead cells and get their nourishment through the cuticles.

Certainly, busting these myths have blown our minds. What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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