5 Plant-based face serums that will work wonders on your skin

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5 Plant-based face serums that will work wonders on your skin
5 Plant-based face serums that will work wonders on your skin

Antioxidant-rich plant-based skincare products work to restore and strengthen your body’s cells by combating free radicals. The vitamins featured in plant-based skincare products are vital to maintaining the health of your skin. They also support cell repair and can help decrease signs of aging. Here are a few plant-based face serums that will work wonders on your skin. 

Kimirica Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Peptide Face Serum 

This face serum comes with a triple-action collagen-boosting formula. The serum contains pro vitamin B5, ashwagandha root extract and manjistha extract. It helps increase the skin’s firmness and collagen production. It has healing and regenerating properties and keeps the skin smooth, soft, healthy and supple. It helps diminish fine lines and scars, and provides anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant benefits.  


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mCaffeine Green Tea Face Serum 

This serum helps in making your skin feeling refreshed in the morning as well as in the evening after a long day. It is enriched with green tea which has vital benefits for the skin. It has antioxidants that fight free radicals and helps alleviate fine lines, dark spots and pigmentation. Green tea rids the skin of pollutants, toxins, thus helping to achieve a natural detox for the skin. It soothes the skin, making it ideal for everyday skincare. Vitamin C relieves skin irritants and also protects the skin from sun damage. Hyaluronic Acid in the serum, not only hydrates and makes the skin supple but also helps in skin conditioning.


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Kimirica Squalane Oil 

This oil is an excellent alternative if other oils are too heavy for your skin. It soothes a variety of inflammatory skin problems, and reduces redness and swelling. It neutralizes damage caused by UV rays and reduces the appearance of fine lines by fighting free radicals. Not only on the skin but it also works great on hair by forming a protective film on the surface of hair fiber and moisturising the scalp; making the hair glossy and shiny. 


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Just Herbs Plant-Based Retinol Face Serum 

This serum is supercharged with Bakuchiol - an ayurvedic alternative to retinol that helps boost collagen, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet and pigmentation. This lightweight, fast-absorbing serum adds plumpness to the skin and reduces early signs of ageing. It also contains liquorice root that brightens skin, fades dark spots and discolouration. Bakuchiol, a powerhouse anti-ageing ingredient, balances the kapha dosha and imparts natural radiance. 


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Kimirica Skin Radiance Face Serum 

This face serum is enriched with plant-based AHA, turmeric root extract and liquorice root extract. It provides gentle skin exfoliation and evens out the complexion. It lightens and brightens the skin while also removing tanning. It helps in reducing dark circles and dark spots, and provides a natural glow and lustre. This serum works like magic on the skin and evens out the skin’s complexion. 


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