5 Rules and skincare tips to follow before doing your makeup explains cosmetologist Pooja Nagdev

Cosmetologist Pooja Nagdev gives tips on all the steps to follow before applying makeup and how you can protect the skin. Find out more
5 Rules and skincare tips to follow before doing your makeup explains Cosmetologist, Pooja Nagdev
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Makeup is something creative we all should indulge in without feeling guilty about it. How we do makeup is also about how much time we have on hand. When you apply makeup, allow to give yourself ten extra minutes to define and contour your face before you step out. This investment of time, energy, focus, and creativity is part of taking care and pampering yourself.

There are these five basic rules that I feel we all should follow before applying makeup. 

First and foremost is the face and neck should be clean and toned. Remember that your skin while applying makeup is just like a canvas so, it is essential that is clean and toned. 

Always remember to apply your primer, hydrating cream, gel, serum, oil depending on your skin requirement then a layer of sunscreen. Application of sunscreen can be avoided if the foundation already carries a sunscreen.

For those who are over the thirties, should take special care of eyes before applying pigmented concealers and eye shadows. Always apply a light eye serum under and around the eyes before any other product.

Apply makeup with good natural brushes, instead of synthetic ones. You should always invest in good quality natural brushes that are soft and even out the skin tone.

For those who are new to make up, can add a foundation to the daily beauty regime as a protectant. A light-weight foundation with antioxidants and SPF shields against the sun, wind and free radicals. The tint in the foundation that comes from Titanium dioxide and silica makes it a better sunblock as compared to a regular sunscreen with an SPF.

Before you apply makeup, choose the shades of foundation and eye kohl that are right for your skin colour and type. Those with oily skin should avoid cream-based foundations. Always work with two colours of foundation one with yellow tone and another with a pink tone. For areas under your eyes and chin and neck go with yellow tone and for forehead and cheeks go with pink undertone.

Always remember to blend the colours well otherwise make up looks patchy. Blending can be done using a puff or a brush.

For eye makeup apply a neutral eye shadow before you apply any other colours that will help to give an even base colour. And once again always take two eyeshadows colours one light and another dark and blend them well.

Last rule, something we all know but forget. Remember it is a good idea to apply lipstick after breakfast is done.

Stay Protected and Wear Natural make up.

Inputs by: Pooja Nagdev, Cosmetologist, Aromatherapist, Founder - INATUR

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