5 Shampoo tricks you'll wish you knew sooner for dramatically GLOSSY and silky smooth hair

Updated on Sep 17, 2021 11:29 PM IST  |  100.9K
5 Shampoo tricks you'll wish you knew sooner for dramatically GLOSSY and silky smooth hair
5 Shampoo tricks you'll wish you knew sooner for dramatically GLOSSY and silky smooth hair

Have you been practising everything possible, from oiling to masking your hair and still can't see results? We have some new expert-approved tips that might be the saving grace you need. After all, what harm can trying one more thing do! Experts recommend you start at the root of the problem, aka keeping your hair clean. The way you shampoo your hair makes all the difference in the world and can drastically affect the texture and appearance of your locks.

Here are some shampoo tricks you can try out while washing your hair the next time around, for better quality hair.

Double cleanse
Yes, you read that right! Double cleansing is not meant just for skin!
Pick out your favourite hair oil and heat it up till it is lukewarm. Then massage your hair with it for around 5 minutes till you feel the oil has really sunk into your scalp.
Then, hop into the shower and slather on shampoo to get rid of all the gunk extracted by the oil. Don't forget to condition post that!


Use your fingers
Yes, manicures are all the rage right now but the worst thing one can do for their hair is to scrub their scalp with nails. There are loads of bacteria under the nail. While a good scalp massage under a hot shower sounds divine, if you're using your nails to scrub your scalp, you are only infecting it with germs. Instead, use the tips of your fingers rather than the nails.

Lather your shampoo
While it is definitely more convenient to drop the shampoo directly onto your scalp, the shampoo being a blob on the scalp doesn't cut it for the hair. Instead, to spread it evenly on your scalp, take the shampoo in your palms, lather it and then apply it to wet hair. This way you are manually spreading the shampoo around that will clean your hair effectively.


Yes, it is imperative to save water, especially now, but not rinsing your head well post a shampoo leads to a buildup of product which then causes dandruff and infections. After shampooing, ensure you stand under the shower for a good minute to get rid of all the residue and keep your scalp clean and fresh.

Cold water final rinse
As good as hot water feels on the scalp, it only leaves the cuticles open after a wash which leaves the hair more prone to easy breakage. One of the easiest ways to ensure your hair remains healthy is to give your hair a last rinse with cool water before heading out.


As long as you follow these easy-to-do hacks, be assured that your hair will not only look but also feel great!

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