5 shower habits that unnecessarily mess up with your healthy skin

Did you know that your shower habits can make your skin worse. Here are the 5 things you are doing wrong when you take a shower. Check it out
5 shower habits that unnecessarily mess up with your healthy skin5 shower habits that unnecessarily mess up with your healthy skin
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Taking a shower every day is a part of everyone’s daily routine. However, while you are rinsing off all that dirt and sweat off, there is a great chance that your skin is getting messed up. Usually, when we think about getting a bath, we do not come across any harmful effects on it on the skin. So while you are taking your shower, these are all the ways it has been affecting your skin. 

You use hot water for a very long time

Nothing works better than a long hot shower on a cold, sad day. But, did you know that the steam created by a hot shower strips off the skin of all the essential grease? It also opens up the pores letting the water in which in turn leads to redness and itching. 

You’re using too much soap

Soap is acidic and nature and it is what helps in removing dirt from the skin. While doing so, it also strips off all the natural oils resulting in minor cracks in the skin. When you use too much soap, your skin also ends up getting dry and flakey. Some soaps also contain perfume to make you smell like strawberries but believe us, it is the worst thing you can apply to your body.

You condition your hair

When you condition the ends of your hair, it gets in direct contact with the skin on your back. This ends up clogging all the pores making your back prone to acne. 

You’re not moisturising immediately after

When you towel-dry yourself, you end up soaking up all the essential oils from the skin. The open pores after a hot shower tend to get dry making it prone to itching. You should always moisturise your body while it is still damp to avoid any dry cracks in the body. 

You do not clean your shower head

When you look at your shower head, you will always notice some kind of plaque on it. This is very dangerous for your skin as it contains bad bacteria and fungus that affects your skin. Moreover, this plaque can also end up making your skin prone to fungal infections. 

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