5 shower mistakes that might be harming your skin in the long run

Looks like a piping hot shower might not actually be as ideal for your skin as you thought.
5 shower mistakes that might be harming your skin in the long run
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As I begin writing this, I can hear my mother in my head, “everything is a problem nowadays, we just used one soap and shampoo and things were okay. My skin is fine” and she would be right. Her skin IS fine. But as time goes on, with the increase in pollution and the changes in the environment and even the changes within your body, skincare has now become a game of prevention before cure. Understanding what your skin needs, preempting or being cautious about what could harm it and then taking steps to ensure that doesn’t happen. 

So here we are, talking about a few mistakes that you might be making in the shower that could ruin your skin over time. I am not saying this is a make or break and doing this will ruin your skin tomorrow, but if you can avoid making these mistakes or at least reduce the frequency, you would see a massive difference.

So here’s the list. 

1. When you decide to shave in the shower, please make sure it is one of those long showers. If you’re in a hurry, wear pants! Your skin needs a little prep before you shave and at least 5-7 minutes to be soaked and ready for a smooth shave. The steam will soften your hair making it easier to shave and that way the razor won’t cause irritation because you had to go over the same spot too many times. 

2. Not taking your makeup before a shower is a big misstep. A lot of cleansers and face washes that we use in the shower are sometimes not equipped to remove makeup. Which means that you could take a long bath and still go to bed with makeup residue on your face. Do a cleanse before you get into the shower and THEN your second cleanse can be in there. 

3. Using foaming shower gel too much basically means that you’re drying out your skin that much more. Use natural bar soaps or at least a creme no-foam body wash. 

4. Body wash brings us to the loofah. This step hurt me the most. But if you like your loofah, it’s time for a breakup. Whatever sebum, dirt and dry skin is removed from your skin lodges itself into your loofah and doesn’t come out by just rinsing with water. So every time you use it, you are adding more of the gunk to your body again. 

5. Hot water needs to leave the building. Just like you even I love a scalding hot bath, especially after a long day. Something about burning hot water comforts me. Try and use lukewarm water as much as you can, but if you do end up using piping hot water, make sure you at least stand under cool or cold water for 5 minutes or more so your pores can shut. 

Well, that’s that for showers!

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