5 Signs that your skin is crying out for intense hydration at the earliest

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5 Signs that your skin is crying out for intense hydration at the earliest
5 Signs that your skin is crying out for intense hydration at the earliest

Never take winter skin dehydration for a joke. Your skin is at its worst behaviour right now with all the flaking despite the numerous layers of hydration it's drinking up every day. We may get the basic rule of thumb right from no-over-exfoliating to consuming gallons of water and moisturising right after a shower, there's more your skin wishes to communicate with you but in the form of signs which we may unknowingly ignore or intentionally brush under the carpet. 


If none of the skincare products are doing the cut, check with your dermatologist to understand your skin better. This can help you pick up an effective skincare routine that offers great benefits. Are these signs of dehydration known to you? Read all that is jotted down here to get your answers. 


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1) Truckload of oil


Yes, something that your skin has no control over. Run your finger through your face particularly the T-zone and can you tell us how much oil is too much? Go for a gentle and ultra-hydrating creamy cleanser and give the one with gel a good break. 


2) Ageing signs (5x)


Fine lines and wrinkles come with age. Unless you're the wine, that stays forever young. See your skin lose out on its plumpness and obvious signs around your lips and under your eyes? Also, look for the tightness of your skin, this is another sign. Reach to hyaluronic acid-infused products, drink water at regular intervals and consume veggies and fruits rich in water content. 


3) From dewy makeup to the cracked-up version? 


If your post-makeup skin is barely glowing and has cracks or flakes, ensure to indulge in a good face moisturisation session pre-makeup. It's always the prepping of your skin that's key, this can give you a good result. If need be, pick up a DIY exfoliating mask. 


4) Breakouts, alert! 


Excessive exposure to pollutants and the most recurring, clogged pores and sebum production can leave your skin feeling itchy and irritated. This can make your skin prone to sensitivity as well. Stick to anti-acne face masks curated with aloe vera and tea tree and exfoliating scrubs made with activated charcoal or oatmeal. 


5) Dull skin 


No glow but all the scaly feels has you thinking what your skin is up to? It's asking for more hydration and exfoliation. Use avocado, banana, olive oil face masks to keep your skin well hydrated. This can also impart a glow naturally. Serums are a good daily choice. 


How do you pamper your dehydrated skin this winter? Let us know in the comments below.

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