5 Simple steps to make your lipstick last all day long

Updated on Oct 06, 2021 02:47 AM IST  |  65.4K
5 Simple steps to make your lipstick last all day long
5 Simple steps to make your lipstick last all day long

If you have a busy schedule that involves staying out most of the day, then I am sure you would prefer your makeup to stay put all day long as well. Getting your lipstick to stay throughout the day without any retouches can be a task. Hence, here are five simple steps that will make sure that your lipstick lasts all day long without smudging. 

Step 1: Exfoliate your lips with a scrub 

Flaky, dry lips offer little support to colour. Exfoliate your lips gently with a lip scrub to remove flaky patches. 

TNW - The Natural Wash Lip Scrub 

This lip scrub contains mild and natural granules that improve the blood circulation and help to enhance the true color of the lips. It effectively exfoliates dead lip skin, fades nicotine stains, brightens dark lips, makes lips supple and soft, restores natural lip color, lightens lip stains, maintains luscious plump lips, heals dry and chapped lips, reverses sun damage, hydrates and moisturises the lips. 


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Step 2: Moisturise with a lip balm 

Before applying the lipstick, make sure your lips are well moisturised. Apply a lip balm and leave it on for a while before applying lipstick. 

Plum Candy Melts Vegan Lip Balm 

Nourish your lips with this delightfully sugar sweet and baked good scented lip balm! Rich with carrot seed oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and olive oil, this little jar of vegan loveliness is bound to plump up your dry lips and perk up your day! Can easily be used over or under your lipstick to avoid drying!


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Step 3: Outline your lips with a lip liner 

Outline your lips with a lip liner in order to prevent smudging at the ends and to give your lips a well-defined shape. 

Wet n Wild Color Icon Lipliner Pencil 

This glimmering lip pencil will give an alluring shape to your lips and make them look more plump. This lip liner is super easy to use and will give a more natural look to your lips. It is perfect for lip contouring and each shade goes on smoothly and provides the perfect base or you can just use them to fill in your lip. 


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Step 4: Apply the lipstick 

Use a brush to apply lipstick. Gliding the lipstick over your lips in one wave won’t make it stay. Use a lip brush to dab on a colour first at the center of both your top and bottom lips. Then fill in your lips staring from the edges to the center. 

Faces Canada No Transfer Matte Lipstick 

This lipstick is available in 12 alluring shades and is transfer-proof, smudge-proof and long-lasting. It is enriched with moisturising chamomile oil that keeps the lips nourished and is highly pigmented providing intense colour in just one swipe. 


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Step 5: Place a tissue paper and dust some loose powder 

This is your ultimate lipstick retention weapon. After you have applied lipstick, take one half of a tissue paper and press it between your lips. This will help absorb all the excess. Now, take the other half and place it on your lips. Puff loose powder on your lips through the tissue, and then apply a final coat on the center of your lip. 

Maybelline New York Fit Me Loose Powder 

Enhance the longevity of your makeup by setting up the base with this reliable setting powder. It will give you an airbrushed, second-skin finish without caking or emphasising lines or textures. It will ensure that your makeup stays put throughout the day. This powder will also seal the colour of your lipstick without giving you a dry powdery effect. 


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