5 Skincare products to lock in moisture this winter season

Updated on Nov 10, 2021 08:48 PM IST  |  223.5K
5 Skincare products to lock in moisture this winter season
5 Skincare products to lock in moisture this winter season

Winter is the time where most skin problems resurface. In the winter months, there is less moisture in the air which can lead to drier skin. Flaky skin, itching and other skin irritations including parched lips are common during this time of the year. Hence switching to a winter skincare routine is important to let your skin breathe the best of winter. Here are 5 products you must have to survive the season without dry and cracked skin.


Lip Balm

Lips dry out in seconds during the winter. Leaving your dry lips uncared can elevate the issue to broken and bleeding lips which you surely don’t want. Always have your lip balm handy and apply it to your lips every now and then.

lip balm

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There is a superstition that you get things easily depending on how soft your hands are. If your hands are hard and rough, well either you got to work really hard or moisture it and make it soft! It's not just about your hands but winters need your whole body to be moisturised so your skin remains soft and fresh.


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Toners help in locking in the moisture level. This toner is free from alcohol. It doesn't strip your skin off and keeps the natural oils in your skin. It easily absorbs layers deep into your skin and provides the right nourishment.


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If you think sunscreen needs to be applied only during summers when the sun is out then you are wrong. A layer of sunscreen is a good idea for anyone spending a lot of time outside, no matter what the season. So don’t miss out on your SPF!


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Coconut Milk Cream

This coconut milk cream helps enhance skin’s tone and texture with a unique blend of rich antioxidants and coconut milk essence. Its intense hydration helps maintain visually softer and smoother skin. 


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