5 Step makeup tutorial to get glowing skin like Priyanka Chopra Jonas for your next Zoom meeting

Get your glow on without putting in too much effort. Follow this 5 step tutorial and you’d be good to go!
5 Step makeup tutorial to get glowing skin like Priyanka Chopra Jonas for your next Zoom meeting
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For over years now, we’ve all been looking for ways to make our life simple when it comes to the makeup and wardrobe section. While style hacks have been proved to be exceptionally easy and adaptable, makeup is something that still requires a bit of effort. But, looks like Mrs Jonas has got us covered in that department. 

Just a few hours ago, PeeCee shared a selfie of her glowing skin and plump cherry lips. While it looked gorgeous, we managed to break down the look and recreate it on our Zoom meeting today and to our surprise, it is extremely simple to recreate. Here’s how you can do the same: 

Step 1:

Start with a moisturised skin because, let’s be real, when your natural skin is healthy and glowing, you’ll need very less product. Now you do not want to hide the natural glow with layers of the base. So to make life simpler, just add a pump of foundation in the moisturiser itself. This will save time on blending and won’t unnecessarily clog the pores. 

Step 2: 

Once you have a natural-looking base, pick up your favourite cream highlighter and using your fingers, apply it over your eyelids. This will open up your eyes and give you an illusion of freshness even if you’ve stayed up all night binge-watching movies.

Step 3:

Next step includes shaping your brows. Brows define your face and once you shape them well, half of your work will be done. If you have naturally bushy brows and are blessed in this department just like me, you can skip this step altogether for a more natural look. 

Step 4: 

You still want your eyes to pop through it all, so pack on some mascara and that’s it for this step. 

Step 5: 

Lastly, grab your favourite lip tint or gloss or even lipstick and apply it on your lips. Make sure to gently dab the product instead of rubbing it for a more natural look. Use the excess colour on your fingers to give a blushed glow on your cheeks. 

And that’s it, folks! It is this simple and definitely a great look even for days when you are running late!

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Anonymous 9 months ago

Naam bta da base ka and price

Anonymous 9 months ago

Plz tell me name and price to all make up and good company

Anonymous 9 months ago

Loads of surgeries to hv this ugly result

Anonymous 9 months ago


Anonymous 9 months ago

Just one step-fall in a bucket of maida

Anonymous 9 months ago

No one cares about Chopras plastic face secrets.

Anonymous 9 months ago

PeeCee is a beauty. Love her.