5 Times Kylie Jenner proved nail art is a forever kind of love that can perk up any dull day

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5 Times Kylie Jenner proved nail art is a forever kind of love that can perk up any dull day

When life gives you colours, paint your nails super bright. While the unofficial holiday season (if we may give a new name to lockdown) is almost coming to an end, you may want to try something new if you haven’t already like nail art to get you in spirit again. Does this feel less important? If you use your hands to communicate, you’ll know they have a role to play when your nail art can arrest the attention of the main eyes. 

If this very thought has been itching you to move and add some life to your nails with a manicure and dreamy designs, we’ve rounded up a few references from the nail art queen, also known as, Kylie Jenner. With her Instagram account right beside you, it’ll serve as the only lookbook you’ll ever need to stay up to the minute with fashion, beauty, and nail art, of course. She has one for every second, every mood, every outfit, and every step she takes. That’s the kind of penchant we see. 

Move ahead from black and white checkered prints and befriend colourful prints through mountain peak-shaped nails. 

Just dewin’ it right! Kylie chose to add an unconventional touch to her otherwise square-shaped monotone orange colour tips with a water-droplet effect. 

Getting your nails painted after ages? It sure calls for a fresh twist when you get your French manicure done. Pick out neon hues like the makeup mogul in shades of orange and green. 

Do you wish to go all out with polka dots? The old-school trend is still so fun and unapologetically fab. Work with the base hue of your choice and opt for tiny dots to be spared all on your tips. Think of the times you can make your nails twin with your polka dot outfits. 

Forever groovy, Kylie made her French tips scream this out loud through curve like patterns that were lit up with soothing colours.


Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. 

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