5 Ways you are making your oily skin MORE oily than it actually is

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5 Ways you are making your oily skin MORE oily than it actually is
5 Ways you are making your oily skin MORE oily than it actually is

Oily skin is the upshot of sebum in the sebaceous glands under the surface of the skin. Sebum, in general, helps your skin stay moist and hydrated however too much of its production causes extremely oily skin. Too much sebum can lead to clogged pores, extremely oily skin and acne. The excess production of sebum can be controlled by taking some measures.

There are so many beauty trends, skincare and cosmetics out there that we get tempted to try everything. This is the biggest mistake most of us make. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and we need to protect and care for our skin in the right way. It is advised to first learn from a dermatologist which products can or cannot be used on your skin. 

Some of the most common mistakes which make oily skin more oily are - 

- Not drinking enough water - When you don’t hydrate the body, the body gets triggered to hydrate itself. This trigger reaches the sebaceous glands and they start producing sebum more than usual. The excess production makes the skin more oily than the usual level. 


- Using the wrong essential oils - There are so many types of essential oils in the market that are being incorporated in daily skincare. With oily skin, one has to more careful to use these oils as they can trigger making the oily skin more oily. Coconut oil is a big no for people with oily skin. 

- Not moisturizing or using the wrong kind of moisturizer - Most people with oily skin think a moisturizer wouldn’t be required since their skin is already hydrated. This is a very wrong perception. Everyone needs a moisturizer. Period! The type of moisturizer would, however, vary from one skin type to another. In case of oily skin, it is better to use water or gel-based moisturizer than a thick one as the latter tends to make the skin more oily than usual. 


Using Comedogenic cosmetics - Makeup has become a part of our everyday lives and just like skincare products, it’s better to choose makeup products also very carefully. Comedogenic products are the ones that have the tendency to block the pores. Blocking of pores can result in making the skin greasy and secrete more oil. It is always advised to use non-comedogenic skincare and makeup products which will not clog the pores and can reduce the chances of a breakout

Poor diet and change in hormones - Consumption of food that is rich in oily texture or processed food can increase the chances of making the skin look oily. It is very important to maintain a balanced diet and keep hormones on track as any variations in hormones l can lead to the secretion of excess sebum. 

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