5 WEIRD hair hacks that surprisingly work and it’s time you give it a try

Updated on Apr 23, 2020 10:52 AM IST  |  1.9M
5 WEIRD hair hacks that surprisingly work and it’s time you give it a try
5 WEIRD hair hacks that surprisingly work and it’s time you give it a try

Each one of us have a weird way of using products. We try and create our own beauty tips which manage to work for the problems we face. Even putting the hair in a bun to curl the hair is a trick that quite a lot of us follow. But, these hacks not only save time but give us the effect we usually long to desire. Now, in desperation, we often resort to weird tricks that sound awful. But, they still do the work, right?

Here are a few weird beauty hacks that work wonders:

Mayonnaise as a hair mask


Made of eggs, oil, vinegar and lemon juice all of which are great for the hair. We wonder who was the first person who thought, ‘wait, let me try putting mayonnaise on my hair!’ Well, while somebody definitely started a weird trend then, there are thousands of people who have tried the hack out and it has managed to work for them. Mayo moisturises the hair while also treating dandruff, defines natural texture, calms frizzy hair and what not! As weird as putting mayo on your scalp sounds, it definitely works and you can definitely give it a try. 

Using socks to curl hair


The internet is filled with weird tips and tricks to curl hair without using a curling wand but this one steals the cake. Wrapping strands of hair around socks and fastening it by turning it inside out is surprisingly super effective. Yes, putting your socks on your head is actually a thing.

Baby Powder as a dry shampoo


We’ve all been through lazy days when washing your hair and scalp just doesn’t feel like a plan. So, to not look like a greasy wonder, using baby powder and massaging it on your greasy hair and scalp does do the trick.

Coco-Cola for volume


People say that the phosphorous acid in Coca-cola has a low pH which is why it manages to tighten the cuticles making the hair smooth and shiny. The sugar in the cola also works in adding volume to the hair. 

Aspirin for healthy-looking hair


Whenever you have a headache, the one medicine that cures it is the Aspirin. While aspirin is a medicine, it is rich in salicylic acid which works as a great treatment to remove dandruff while also banishing the dullness. 

How to: Just crush an aspirin and mix it with your shampoo. Massage it on your scalp and hair and rinse it off. You can use this one in two weeks.

As weird as these hacks sounds, they do manage to work for some people. However, we’d recommend you to do a test run before trying them all out. 

What are your thoughts about them? Drop-in your comments in the section below. 

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Anonymous : How is the aspirin hack applied to the hair? Crush into a fine powder and add dry? Mix with water and then apply ? If so what is the water to aspirin ratio ?
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Anonymous : Same. even I not heard before. Very nic article
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Anonymous : interesting...i had not heard of these...
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